Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sisters jump out of train

Got this piece of news from Florence - courtesy of the Star OnLine

KULAI: Two sisters jumped out of a train window after they realised they had slept through their stop.The girls, both Singaporeans aged eight and 12, boarded the train at Tanjung Pagar in Singapore to go meet their mother here yesterday.

The train reached Kulai and was about to pull out of the station at 10.30am when the girls woke up, realised that they had missed their stop and jumped out of the train window. They have been warded at the hospital here for observation.

* * *
Now, let me get this straight... law-abiding not so-law-abiding citizens in desperation jumps out the window when they missed their stop... couldn't they just have informed the authorities? I know that they are kids and all but... to jump ship (in this case - train)??! Posted by Hello

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i'mnotawriter said...

I see that you are entertained by this piece too.. we have the same wavelength.. so unbelievably funny, no?