Friday, March 11, 2005

lori & sher's nite out...

After work today... Lori & I ventured downtown.. this time, just to chill, hear some music and to see Scottie on his second last night at McMonkeys!! The band ABOUT FACE was playing and they were awesome!~! They do play at McMonkeys every other week or so... you guys must check them out!!

While Lori was catching the eyes of many guys with the presence of *Monique... I was hanging out with Scottie and some of his friends (from his new line of work) and chatting up with a couple of the band members. I had a blast as the entire night was just a time for me to really hang loose!! Peter called to say hi... so while he was out by the bay area or was it by the Fisherman's Wharf... well... wherever.. he still thought about his love... ME! Posted by Hello

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