Monday, February 27, 2006

A traumatic tale...

by Michele & Sherene

It was a normal Tuesday (2/21/06), Sherene came home from class and headed to the gym for her physical re-test & Low-Impact Aerobics... Michele headed to the gym from work also for her re-test and made it on time for Cardio variety sculpt class.

After a satisfying workout for both girls... they headed home and made dinner. After eating, they both sat down to watch American Idol while channel flipping back and forth to see the Olympic women's ice skating short program. Current time... 8:15 p.m.

Both Michele & Sherene were seated on the nice big red sofa couch watching the program when about 8:55 p.m. they caught something moved out of the corner of their eyes. Under the small crack of the basement door, a brown furry creature attempted to rush out to the living room... AAAaaaHHhhhhh....... shrieked both Michele & Sherene while they both immediately jumped up on the red couch. Their loud high-pitched screams made that icky disgusting brown furry creature to head back under the basement door. It was.... a.... MOUSE!!!

NOOOoooooooOOooooo.... it cannot be!!!

Imagine the girls' fear and fright for their lives as they did not know what to do. Lucky for them, their cell phones were at arms length... both girls reached hard for their phones while still standing tall on the shoulders of the red couch in frantic and attempts of calling for HELP were made. First 911 attempt made by both girls was to geta hold of Chee Ming... (where the heck were you?!?!!) . Sad to say and still in a mad panic... the girls could NOT get a hold of their usual Hero.... well, hero no more after that night.

Both girls had their eyes fixated at the bottom of the basement door, fearing for what may be another attempt of furry yucky brown creature coming up to the living room... the next 911 call was made. Sherene called Peter, the boyfriend.... Michele called Nancy, Peter's mother. So much for calling the boyfriend who just said... get a towel to stuff the door crack. Now, we were so terrified to step off the couch... so much to even move anywhere off the couch to retrieve a towel from upstairs. Michele got a hold of Nancy and was trying to relay her the frightful event. Unfortunately, with Michele and Sherene's blubbering and high-pitched screaming while crying in explaining the situation, Nancy could not comprehend what the whole commotion was about.

AAAAaaaHHHhHhhhhh.... sighting number #2... DAMN #&#*&^% mouse... this went on until sighting #8.. that darn pest was very insistent on coming up to watch the women's figure skating and american idol with us girls. Both girls dialed more numbers for help....

Michele called Lori, Scotty, Tim, Joe, Mike #1 and Mike #2... screaming at mouse sightings, crying and yelling for help stimutaneously...

The same goes for Sherene who called Scotty.. left a mesagge which was undecipherable to him who in turn called Michele back on her cellphone.

Sherene called Trevor, (who almost made it out of his door, but Sherene changed her mind - she needed someone to be there QUICK and fast!! Thanks for the offer Trevor!), then she called Mary to voice her plight for help. She later contacted Wojtek and begged for him to get over here. Thank you for coming with Prasanna and Sharon... but thank you nots for laughing over the phone and caught no mouse!!! Thank you nots also for not bringing Matt's gun over... drastic moments calls for drastic measures!

In fear for the lives... and sanity... both girls were still sat perched on the shoulder of the couch...
The time now: 9:50 p.m. Boom Boom Booom.....

AAAAAaaaaaHhhhhHhhhh...... huh?! NO MOUSE... it was the door.... *phew...

SAVIOR #1 = Scotty arrived with two mouse traps in hand. Even if he had no solution to the problem.. the fact that there was a MAN in the house.. no furry creature would dare come up from the basement. Scotty went down to the basement to check while brave Sherene climbed down the couch to retreive a towel from upstairs and to close the basement door after Scotty went down the basement.

BOom Boom Boom... AAAAAAaaaHHhhhhh...... doesn't anyone use the doorbell anymore?!! Stop banging on the front door and ring the blardy bell!!!

SAVIOR #2 & #3 arrived... Wojtek & Prasanna. Sharon who brought them to our place... jumped up on the couch with Michele who has been on the couch all this while.

While the guys went down the basement in search of the little devil... both girls were very relieved to gain some sanity and security back. After all that screaming, yelling, crying and terror... both girls went to bed after the saviors left.

If you wish to pick the girls brain on their horrendous experience.. you know which numbers to dial to get them to recant their tales.... we both say, NO to MOUSE!!

The End...

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Party over at Ali's...

I got back in Buffalo at almost about 11:00 p.m. on Friday night.. flight delays here and there.. but I got back okay. Thanks to Chele for circling around the airport!!!

Saturday morning.. got up early to get Mardiana and brought her to Leon's Hair Studio with me to get a hair cut. Yeap... short shoulder lenght hair for Sher again. I always like my hair around this length... it's managable :D

Later in the evening, we headed to Ali's to celebrate his birthday... plenty of home made Moroccan food and wine for everyone.

DSCN6875 DSCN6860
Here's Mary and myself... and Ali, Mr. Birthday with the girls on his Morrocan sofa couch...

DSCN6857 DSCN6849
The girls.. just being the girls as alwasy... wine and rosie cheeks.. get the drift?! ;P

Saturday, February 25, 2006

I survived Harvard!~

So, I was a little quiet around posting things up this past week.. and as I have previously mentioned, I was just swamped with presentations. I did a run through of my presentation for the CIES conference in class on Wednesday... let's just say there's room for improvement on that one. I gotta make some changes to that one..lucky me I still have time for that.

And the clincher for last week's mad panic rush was presenting at the graduate student research conference at Harvard on Friday. I must admit, I was pretty intimidated by the fact that I had to present there. I left Buffalo Thursday afternoon and got into Boston during end of office rush at 5:00 pm. I did manage to lugg my overnight bag with me up on and down the very packed tube - the Subway. Met up with Kelvin and had a very nice and relaxing dinner at Penang restaurant. Was really craving for Char Hor Fun. Thanks so much for dinner and it was great to see you again!! Can't wait 'till your summer trip to WNY!~

My presentation session was scheduled for the first session - 9:30 a.m. and I am so glad that it was early in the day so that I can just go through and be done with it. Verdict.. according to my discussant (Harvard profeosr) and also from the feedback from other attendees to my session... they enjoyed my presentation very much. I presented on affirmative action policies and meritocracy in Malaysian higher education system. I did better than what I expected... in fact, I think I kicked butt!!~! :P I was just glad that it was over with... *phew....

Had the camera with me... was just too occupied with conference stuff... here are a couple of the pictures I took....

DSCN6840 DSCN6837

The conference was the Harvard Graduate School of Education's Student Research Conference and International Forum held in the Gutman Conference Center. Here's a picture of me and Joanne Hopper fom Central Michigan University and Patricia Seidler, alumnus for HGSE over lunch break.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Go Sher GO!!!

Ick... I have so much to do!~! Presentation(s) count... 2 this week and a preliminary write-up of a paper. Have to get my powerpoints done and ready to go... especially for that big presentation on Friday morning. Will let you all know how it all goes when I get through it! Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A graduate student's Valentine's...

This comic is especially dedicated to Peter..... and myself... it so applies in our case.. only I am the crazy sugar-mama going for the Permanent head Damage degree!! Thanks for putting up with me and school!! *muaks....

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Will you be my Valentine??


Happy Valentine's Day everyone... won't you all be mine?! Geez.. aren't I a little wee bit greedy?! Anyways... it's one of my favorite day... not a holiday but just a day to not have any reason(s) to go ahead and gobble up as many chocolates as I can gather!! A toast to cupids, hearts, chocolates and Michael Bublé singing in the background.

To my dearest Peter... I miss you my Valentine!!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

More birthday pics...

Here are the pictures from Sharon's birthday celebration... part deux... these were taken right before we all headed out for dinner at Le Metro... brought the camera along.. too occupied to take pictures! Imagine that!~ Let's just say that the food and wine was exceptional that we forgot to record that delicious moment :P

DSCN6812 DSCN6813
Cake time for the birthday girl!!

DSCN6823 DSCN6828
Presents galore... and flowers from Wojtek...

DSCN6814 DSCN6815
The girls and the guys with the birthday girl...

Sister's birthday...


Sis, thinking of you
with love on your birthday
and wishing you
everything that brings
you happiness
today and always!
Happy Birthday Sharon!!
We hope your day is special just like you!

lotsa love...
Sherene & Peter & Michele

DSCN6795 DSCN6805

Thanks to Wnyx for initiating a midnight birthday surprise for Sharon... friends Jonas and Martin joined in the mini celebration!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Chee Ming's day..

Who's next on the birthday shout-outs??


To the coolest, friendliest and most fun-loving guy us girls can ever have...
Happy Birthday Chee Ming!~!~
Have a safe and fun time snowboarding later!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Birthday for Bethany...

Third on our birthday shout outs...


Happy Birthday Bethany!!
Manny happy returns of the day, may all your wishes come true...
and all the joy you give to others, return right back to you!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Snowboarding 101

I survived my first snowboarding session!! I tagged along with Chee Ming and Ben who gave me my first ever snowboarding instructions at Holiday Valley. Never been snowboarding.. but I can surf (summer 2000 in Hawaii). It's still different but, same principle...
girl+board+stand on board= surfing/snowboarding
I don't think I did that bad.. considering that I survived the Mardi Gras slope on my first day on the snow. I will continue sticking to the bunny slopes and practice!! On my last trip down the beginner's slope... I did not fall at all!! It's all about steering and control. Hurrah for me!! :P

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Slavena's day...

Next on this month's birthday shout-outs...


Best wishes for a wonderful birthday,
Happy Birthday Slavena!~!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Cold toes of mine...

It is superbly COLD!~! Winter storm watch is still in effect and my room is like 6 degrees colder than Chele's. So much for double-insulating the windows in my room!~ Thanks to Peter, the goose-down comforter is a big help in keeping me warm.. I have not turned on the heater for three weeks until tonight... I need to warm up the rest of my room a bit! Cold toes... that's what I've got... very cold toes!! Bundle up people.. I know I am :D

*current temperature = 28 Fahrenheit / -2.2 Celcius

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Superbowl XL...

It's that big football game of the year.. SUPERBOWL Sunday!~ This year's superbowl game pits the Seattle Seahawks against the Piitsburgh Steelers. Not really rooting for any particular team this year. If I were to root for the Seahawks.. it would be for the QB Matt Hasselbeck (brother Tim who plays for the NY Giants and brother-in-law of Elizabeth Hasselbeck from the View) and, if I were to root for the Steelers... well... cause they are an east coast team?! Not that great of a reason(s) for my selection huh?!! Oh well.. may the best team win (Go Steelers!) and let the commercials pour in!!

*Meanwhile, poor Irvin forgot his and Cathy's 1st year anniversary... boy is he in a lotta trouble!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Boris's birthday!~

A new month and what a lot of birthdays coming up this February... to start off the birthday greetings and wishes...


Happy Birthday to you Boris!!!
Many happy returns of the day to you!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Congrats to LynnMay...

A big Congratulations go out to Lynn May and Alvin on getting their marriage certificate. That explains why May has been busy behind the blogging scene :P

And what do you mean you forgot to sign your own name... remember in high school how we used to practice signing our names and as Mrs. So and So? You're right... signing those credit card slips are easier when you are purchasing something.. only in this case, you are "getting" a husband!

Anyways... can't wait 'till I get to see you guys this July when I head back home and can't wait for the wedding invite as well!~!