Friday, December 30, 2005

A New York new year...

We are all set for our little new year eve celebration weekend in Stamford & NYC. All packed and just waiting for the girls to get here. It's about 5 hours drive to Stamford, CT where Claire is... and we have the entire Saturday and most of new year's day in the city.

Wishing everyone a happy new year 2006 from NY... see you next year!!
We love New York, New York!~

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Color Me...

The day after Christmas which is also Boxing day for everyone but the United States was spent at a pottery coloring place called Color Me Mine at Pittsford Plaza in Rochester. Nancy got all of us gift certificates to use there, it was also meant for all of us to do something together - except for Pete who chose to supervise instead.

DSCN6529 DSCN6531
Michele chose a chips & dip bowl which she painted mostly green with yellow flowers... Sharon took the longest of us all to finally select a flower vase and a design to paint. Of course, Pete helped to select the design.

DSCN6532 DSCN6536
Here is my finished product... I was the first to get things moving and needless to say, I was the first to complete my task. I opted for a simple, cute, colored watering can. Nancy painted a flowering pot that came with a vase. She painted grapes and grape vines on it.

DSCN6537 DSCN6535
Matt painted the largest object of all... a pillow shaped vase which he amazingly, the artist he is... made a beautiful landscape portrait. As for Mario, he did two smaller paintings. One on a ceramic tile and another, Donald Duck which you can see him diligently and carefully paint over. We don't get out finish product for another 10 days or so... will be posting the outcome of our craft work later then :)

Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas day...

Christmas day is spent with Nancy's side of the family together with our friends....
DSCN6449 DSCN6445
Reindeer Pete pouting as he wants to open his Christmas presents right away... as for Reindeer Sher, she is trying to just look awake!

DSCN6450 DSCN6454
Everyone got their reindeer antlers for pictures? Not quite....

DSCN6455 DSCN6456
We left Santa some yummy cookies, wine, wine glass, a shotglass and a lovely note....

Christmas morning... picture in front of the Christmas tree... it's tradition!!

the Milizia family...

Family picture...

DSCN6480 DSCN6483
Opening presents... I gave Sharon a new cellphone and Pete & Matt got Sharon a black Ipod Nano... the Ipod is on its way to being shipped to her, so Sharon was presented with a homemade picture of a very mini Ipod Nano which was packed in a big box, wrapped with a big bow! She loved her gifts!!

DSCN6486 DSCN6487
Chele got Mario a sweater which he exclaimed was one size too big... with the new sweater on, glasses and sequined red reindeer antlers - doesn't he look like the missing ghost in a Christmas Carol?!?

DSCN6496 DSCN6499
Sherene & Slavena and the girls with their lovely scarf which Julie made...

DSCN6506 DSCN6512
Slavena and Boris smiling for the camera. Pete and I are glad that you came and spent Christmas with us. Thank you so much for the delicious Bulgarian Feta Cheese bake with fortunes. I sure am looking ahead for a GREAT 2006! as my fortune predicts :P

DSCN6508 DSCN6507
The Gauger sisters... Nancy and Julie. Pete with Grandma Mary holding up the cardinal gravy boat I got her.

Christmas eve...

Over at the Milizia's, Christmas eve is tradittionally spent with the entire Milizia clan (Mario's side of the family). This year's Milizia-Christmas was hosted in Pete's house. Here are some very interesting pictures of the gang on this Christmas eve...

DSCN6355 DSCN6359
Nancy singing Christmas carols, cooking and posing at the camera all at once... superwoman she is!!

DSCN6363 DSCN6364
Here are the ladies with a picture with each of the Milizia brothers; Matt & Pete.

'O Christmas tree, 'o christmas tree... look at all those presents beneath you...

DSCN6377 DSCN6399
Reindeer Chele and Sharon looking swell...

DSCN6384 DSCN6409
Pete & Sher in front of the fire place and the Christmas stockings...

DSCN6417 DSCN6418
Sharon and Chele... and Caitlin (Pete's cousin) with Sher...

the girls...

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Holiday greetings...

Have a Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year!~!

Friday, December 23, 2005


Mum was complaining how I did not post enough pictures from this year's big snowfall, around December 8th. Well, here it is mummy...
DSCN6255 DSCN6257
Look at all that snow on the Christmas wreath... and dear Peter helping to shovel. Where was I when he was shovelling? Next to being able to snap a couple of pictures.. it took me a while to get ready as I was putting on my ski pants and a couple of layers or clothing. I was ready to not only shovel but to spend some time just being outside.

DSCN6260 DSCN6263
I should be helping Pete clearing a pathway to the door and clearing snow off the car.. but, posing for pictures is sure fun too!!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Happy birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday to you... happy birthday to you....
Happy Birthday dear mummy...
We love you lots!!
Sherene & Sharon

Monday, December 19, 2005

Winter weather...

I love the winter weather..
So the two of us can get together
There's nothing sweeter, finer...
When it's nice and cold
I can hold my baby closer to me
And collect the kisses that are due me
I love the winter weather...
Because I've got my love to keep me warm

*Jane Monheit - The Season*

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Countdown to Christmas...

Current location: Rochester. We went out for sushi last night with some of Pete's friends... Matt is leaving right after Christmas for a new job in Wyoming. Why on earth there? Great opportunity for him... rock/mountain climbing and computers - his areas of expertise. Good luck with the new move, job and all. Keep in touch Matthew!

Got a bit more beauty sleep time... managed to get some presents wrapped... a lot more shopping to do! I have got to get my X'mas shopping done!! Only one week until Christmas!! Or.. in the wise words of Seth Cohen from the OC, it's a Christmakuh affair!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Happy Birthday to you... happy birthday to you....
Happy Birthday dear dad...
Hope you liked the little gifts we sent home to Penang with Chee Ming. We know you enjoy those small little munchies - hersheys, mini mint kit-kats, pistachios, etc.
We miss you very much and we love yoU!!

Sherene & Sharon

Party pixs...

Redeemed some sleep time from final papers and an amazing party over at Wojtek's last night... no pictures taken... but, I do have pictures from last week's party which I promised!! The usual group of friends were present...

Thanks for Friday night Wojtek.... how are you recovering??!!

Everyone still have their glasses filled and awake... Chee Ming's eyes semi-closed.

The lovebirds together.... :p

Chee Ming zoinked out on this picture... Philipp kept the party going!

At Pearl Street Brew... Boris, Pete, Sher and Slavena toasting to the end of the semester.

The rest of the crew at the brewery.. Sharon, Philipp, Ahmed, Chee Ming Michele, Wojtek and Pawel.