Monday, November 29, 2004

lovely belles...

pretty bridesmaids.. all in a row... Kelly (MoH), Amelia, Jodi, Jennifer & Chelsie...Posted by Hello

Mr. & Mrs. Jacob

Presenting... Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Jacob...Posted by Hello

Lovely bride...

Here comes the Bride... all dressed in white!!Posted by Hello
Isn't the church beautiful?? Posted by Hello

Valley Christian Reformed Church , Binghamton, NY

Here's a view of the church from the outside.. Posted by Hello

Driver's seat

Ready.. set.. GO!!Posted by Hello

Both in Red

Lookie here.. Peter and I getting ready for Mindi's wedding... don't we soo match in red??!!Posted by Hello

Saturday, November 27, 2004

haPPy eaTings....

Considering that it is the holidays.. and msot importantly one that revolves around foood... there is slow or not much progress made in updates on this blog... however, for now... I can give you a recap of what's been going on....

November 22nd....
- Happy Birthday wishes to Matt...
- started planning and gathering stuff on what I am making for thanksgiving over at Peters...

November 23rd...
- Happy Birthday lovie Peter.....
- survived long day of class and trying to get things out of the way at work before the break

November 24th...
- 5.30am, sent Sharon to the airport - leaves for Indiana and later Chicago
- Last minute work stuff to settle...
- last minute shopping for turkey day neccessities
- I made a New York cheesecake topped off with freshly made strawberry syrup with some brandy over it
- slaved over making curried potato fillings and later made plenty of curry puffs
- cleaned the townhouse, did laundry & put up Christmas decorations
- packed clothes
- at 8.30pm... Michele and I Finally left for Rochester
- tried watching Harry Potter 3 - Prisoner of Azkaban... Michele & Mario fell asleep early into
the show

November 25th...
- TURKEY day...
- helped cooked, set tables... annual deviled eggs cook-off against Mario... and as usual.. I WON!!
- Everyone's over at Pete's house by 1pm.... we ate!~ ATE!~!~ ATE!~!~
- trying to digest all the food we had... dessert and some games....
- second attempt to watch Harry Potter - succesfull!~!~
- Michele, Peter & I talked till wee hours of the morning..

November 26th...
- not too much of an early riser to go shopping.. instead, was in bed till almost noon!!
- lotsa playing games on the X-box and Gamecube...
- a little shooping at the mall with Peter
- to the airport to get ALex... love the cold yet??
- McDOnalds & Wendy's dinner for everyone...
- Longhorns beat "Agges" Texas A&M....
- Michele got to see rerun of the Apprentice
- More games on the gamecube...

November 27th.... Today,
- getting ready to head south east to Binghamton for Mindi's wedding...
- will take lotsa pictures... till then!~!~

Sunday, November 21, 2004

fUn fun FUN...

We know you're happy Mindi...

* Disclaimer - Due to Mindi's excessive partying on Saturday night.. I have carefully selected "appropriate" pictures to share with you all. WHat else happened that night.. well... that remains among us few!~!~ Posted by Hello

Sher & "Momma" Mindi

Picture perfect girlfriends... Posted by Hello

huddle up closer...

Picture perfect... say "CHEESE!" Posted by Hello


getting ready to go OUT & PARTY!~!~ Posted by Hello

look at the camera!

Mindi & Jodi Posted by Hello

aLL in the Family..

Out to dinner.... two Mom-Conrads and Tyler in the Limo!~ Posted by Hello

in the Limo...

Amelia, Mindi & Jodi Posted by Hello

getting ready...

Jodi & Sher Posted by Hello


Mindi & Kelly Posted by Hello
you heard it right.. Last Night Out!~
 Posted by Hello

bachelorette ALERT!!

ONE.. #1... more week till the wedding.. and that is why this little lady deserved a crazy night out with the girls!~!~ This weekend was all about Mindi and so... off I go to Albany to meet up with Mindi, Kelly, Amelia, Jodi, Chelsie and Marsha (Mindi's mom) for a LAST night OUT party for the bride to be! Posted by Hello

Thursday, November 18, 2004

on the other side of the table...

Don't we all look happy with plenty of food in our tummies.. Posted by Hello

who's at the table?

At the dinner table... Karyadi, Tam, Amy, Pat and Joe... Posted by Hello

hurrah for nasi lemak!

A very Big Thank you to Joe and his mother for a wonder delicious Nasi Lemak dinner.. the OIE crew could not be happier than with their bellies filled with yummy home cooked food!~!~ Posted by Hello

You're on camera!~

After dinner conversation... Steven, Tam and Freddy Posted by Hello

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Don't Gross Out the World - How do YOU rate?

I love to eat.. but I also know my eating etiquette.. take this simple quiz to see how you fare!~!

bZ bZ bee...

My place is not as quiet as messy as depicted in the picture but it sure is getting to that stage pretty soon... end of the year rush... reports & papers... and we haven't even started talking about X'mas shopping!!! AAcck!~!~ Posted by Hello

Monday, November 15, 2004

remembering the veterans..

Okay.. this is the last picture I am sharing from this DC trip before I get too carried away... this is the newly opened WW2 veteran's memorial. Posted by Hello

White House

I just had to put up a picture of the famous Pennsylvania Ave landmark, what would people say if I didn't after going all the way to DC!~ Posted by Hello