Thursday, September 30, 2004

Bush vs. Kerry

Thursday night... after Joey and Will & Grace... what did everyone do... watched the Presidential Debate of course... Posted by Hello

Sunday, September 26, 2004

next quiz...

room no. #2... is this Michele's or Sherene's??? Posted by Hello

who's room is this?

quiz time!~!~! WHo's room is this??? Michele or Sherene? Posted by Hello

pose away...

Okay you two.... enough of the both of you... Posted by Hello

my roomie...

lovely Michele~~!~!~ Posted by Hello

pose for camera...

Don't we all look excited??!! Posted by Hello

girls night out.. I mean.. IN!

A weekend with the girls... what do we do??? Do our hair and pose for the camera of course~!~! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

...bZ Bz bEe...

OKay... so I got side tracked a little... not entirely my fault.. but I am sooooo swamped in readings!~!~! Here's a little quick run through of what I did last week, over the weekend and what is in stall for me this week... last week.. I struggled with readings... I did well... but could have done better... over the weekend... Michele, Sharon and I went with Nancy on the Collonial Belle up & down Erie Canal.. was a little chilly that day but getting in and out of the "lock" was good enought for three bored girls where 2 did NOT want to do their readings... My love Peter was still sniffling about here and there.. but he should be good by now... went out with some of his friends from RIT to see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.. and hahahhaha... somewhere over WHAT rainbow??!~!~!~ SUnday... some shopping ... BIG time shopping at BJs... gotta stock up on them mini HOstess blueberry muffins and buffalo chicken tender strips... YUM!~!~ Then... its back to readings and classes for this week... sort of caught up for now... SORT OF!~!~ It's Gender week and I am required to attend some of session and write up a short report... went to a very interesting one today on Women as the Center of the NAtion in the Lakhota tribe.. Kudos to the speaker!~!~!~ This weekend... Michele and I were sooo planning on going to Boston this weekend where we may stop by Springfield, Mass and Kidnap Alex and whisk him to Boston... sadly, Michele has to work this Saturday.. imaigine that!~!~ , ANyways... Alex said he would be NJ early December and wonders if anyone of us here can be there to help him with work.. well... we are working on that!~!~ ALso, i missed this past weekend's big Austin Music Festival in where else...Austin, TX ofcourse.... :( OKay... you know what I am going to say now... its' back to readings!~!~!~ more updates... soon... fingers crossed... !~! *hint... you know that you lot can msg me or tag me on me tagboard... keep pestering me to update me blogs!~!~!~ *muaks.... Posted by Hello

Sunday, September 12, 2004

tanned gals...

and again... us girls... look at how tanned we were from the Bills game... Posted by Hello

silly gals...

Just the girls again.... Posted by Hello


Where's your angels Scottie??!~!~ Posted by Hello


Back at home.. the funny "Scottie's" angels....  Posted by Hello

Lori & Michele smiles on under the sun!~!~ Posted by Hello

Scottie and Me... under the sun!~!~ Posted by Hello

Go Bills GO!~!~!~

Buffalo Bills 2004-2005 season home opener against the Jacksonville Jaguars... Posted by Hello

Saturday, September 11, 2004

tAiLgaTinG ...

pretty girls tailgating at the UB Bulls game.. see all the blue and white colors?? Me... an exception of course... I root for the Texas Longhorns!~!~ Posted by Hello

Friday, September 10, 2004

...fOOtsie ball...

It's the weekends!~!~ I am soo excited... it's football season again... all them tailgate parties and cheering on the home team!~!~ Go Bills Go!~!~!~ We are going to UB Bull's home opener tomorrow against the Syracuse Orangemen... I wonder who's gonna beat who tomorrow... Gee... I really wonder?!! Bulls anyone??? As for college football.. I always cheer on for the Texas Longhorns...

And Sunday... glorious Sunday... the home opener for the Bills against the Jaguar.. gonna wake up early for the tailgate parties!~!~ Football pools going around here and there, everyone already setting high goals for the Bills... and me too without a doubt.... but overall.. I love going to games and hear the crowd go wild!~!~ Posted by Hello

cOmeDy cenTraL prEseNts...

To my dearie Peter... I know you love most of the Comedy Central funny peeps, Chris Rock was awesome the last time... so, here's a present for you... tickets to Wanda Skyes!~!~ Posted by Hello


groCery shopping today was awesome.. next to a friendly phone call from John who's in Illinois... I splurged on dinner for tonight... Wegmans had $5.99/lbs on Lobsters... ooOH!~!~!~ I just had to bag 3 of them back for me, Sharon & Michele. ANd so, I did... together with 2 pounds of lobster cake on the side!!! Needless to say... dinner was par excellent with fresh Maine lobsters, mushroom cous cous, corn on the cob, sauteed mushroom & onion, brussel sprouts grilled with butter and some tomatoes & cucumber salad. To finish off... my favorite drink ever... Gingerale!~!!~ We LoVe LoBsTeR!~!~ Posted by Hello

Thursday, September 09, 2004

suPer sHerEne....

I can't believe it!~!~ But it is soo true.. I learned sooo much in one night... did some bloggie stuff of mine on Michele's PC and feeling desperate and on the verge of pulling my PC apart... I fixed it... imagine that! Me, Sherene fixed the crummy networking problem on her PC. Peter love... aren't you proud of me??!! And of course... look at the time.. it's 1.35 in the morning and I sooo got to wake up early tomorrow... ick!~!~ Posted by Hello

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

bUt here i gO...

Okay... now that I have Hello control on Michele's PC... got some cute stuffs to share with you all... this little poster had major sharing potential.. so read it and smile~!~ Posted by Hello

coPing with thiNgs...

Well... it appears that the bad internet connection we have been getting was due to the fact that them cute lawn care guys accidentally "mowed" off with out cable line. So for almost a month now, Michele and I have been stuck with some iffy connexions... anyways... I got the really nice Adelphia guy to give us a one month credit on our account0 Okay.. i admit it.. I charmed my way to a one month credit. But bear in mind.. we barely got any connection to begin with!! And yay.... we are back in touch with the world of internet.

However, I still have problems getting my PC to work within our townhouse... oh the bother of this all.. I have not posted any new pictures for a while now... and I am getting really upset about it.. and that is why I have downloaded Hello on Michele's PC which I am using now to do all my blogging business...

I have got so much to write about but at the same time.. very tired and worn out from juggling all of the readings for my classes this Fall. And from the beautiful 4 warm, sunny, it's about time we get a real summer in Buffalo this past long Labor day weekend... phew... that was a real safe.. and now, back to rain and thunderstorms... Oh wells... one more class for this week and I am soo looking forward to weekends... T.G.I.F. is just around the corner... and counting down!~!~ Posted by Hello - Pocketful Of Stars - Pocketful Of Stars

I love this site and I love this interactive piece... the music relaxes me... enJoy!~!~!~

Monday, September 06, 2004

b-b-Q time...

I had lotsa yummies to eat tonight... thanks to Jimmy and friends... as usual... i munched down a few hotdogs and grilled peppers... and this time... JIMMY remembered Gingerale just for me... how spoiled of me!~!~ I would have loved to fill you all in about my loong weekend... but I am currently on Jimmy's PC.... okay.. gonna go home now.. I've got major readings to do for classes this week.... !~!~!~ Wish me luck....

P.S..... Adelphia guy coming tomorrow morning to check on me connections... Posted by Hello

Saturday, September 04, 2004

to BE wiFi or NOt wiFi...

*sigh... and to think that wi-Fi is the new"IN" thing... apparently not so... I have to admit that I think it is great.. since I do not have cables running from room to room... but there are some strange things floating around that makes my wireless connection iffy about working right. Not only that... as of yesterday afternoon, Friday nonetheless... it stop working well. And so here I am, currently dependent on Michele and Sharon's PC & laptop to send this blog out... and this means... no pictures for now :( I'll huff and puff... plus we finally called and yelld at the Adelphia people... how is it that we are paying for the service but 85% of the time we have no internet connection... oh the inconveniences of life with no internet!~!~ ANyhoos... what have I been up to? Well... I survived the first week of classes but goodness... I am sooo behind on my readings already (will fill you all in on my next blog) .. lucky me we have Monday off for Labor day and it is also the tax free weekend which means...lotsa shopping. Speaking of shopping... we all just got back from a 5 hour total time at the Galleria mall. Okay... gonna go be a piggie and start munching again... write me y'all!~!~ muaks... Posted by Hello