Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jessica & Derik's Wedding

Yesterday was Jessica and Derik's wedding. The weather could not have been any more perfect for their special day. During the ceremony, Mr. Sun graced us with his presence and lit up inside in the chapel with his colorful rays as it passed through the chapel's painted windows. The ceremony was held at the Christ the King Chapel at Canisius College. Later in the evening, we proceeded to the Statler Tower where the reception was held.

Jess & Derik's Wedding
Here I am with the beautiful bride...

Congratulations to you and Derik!
We wish you both much happiness!!

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another year goes by...

Thank you everyone for your kind wishes!
Thank you for thinking of me on my birthday!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Greetings from Buffalo!

A couple of weeks ago, I was involved in a video project for my work office. It is a piece of informational video presentation about all things amazing of our beloved queen city, Buffalo. Here is the final product made by the most amazing producer ever, Amy Matikosh and an awesome creative director and film maker, Suzanne Zorick-Feather of SZF Productions. Check it out below...

...this is Tricia Takanawa signing off :P

Monday, August 24, 2009

Lake Seneca - Part Duex

Here we are... back to the finger lakes again to Lake Seneca. We are continuing with our Riesling passport trying to complete our visits to all the wineries on out list :)

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Jess's Bachelorette Party

We had dinner at Biermarkt in downtown Toronto for Jess's bachelorette weekend before heading to the local Karaoke bar. At dinner, we spotted several Hollywood faces as they were dining there as well. Jess got to meet Mr. Jurassic Park himself, Sam Neil and Noah Wyle from E.R. Thanks to Alicia who first spotted Merlin :P Who else was there? A Lost cast member and Mr. Break-up-with-post-it from Sex in the City and several others whom we could not name unfortunately. They were all in town for the Toronto Film Festival. That aside, here are picture from the dinner.

Jess's Bachelorette Party
Jess and her maid of honor, Alicia.

Jess's Bachelorette Party
Jess looking beautiful as ever!

Jess's Bachelorette Party
With her pot 'o moules... if you have not been to Biermarkt, highly recommended. Belgium food and beer galore!

Jess's Bachelorette Party
Alicia helping a fellow bachelor out with his 'to-do' list...

Jess's Bachelorette Party
All the girls....

Friday, August 07, 2009

At home with the Jacob family

It was great to see Mindi & Andy again... and who can forget their bright and adorable little munchkin Alyssa. Last time we saw Aly was almost a year ago at our NY wedding where she was our beautiful flower girl and what an awesome job she did. This time, we got to meet her new bay brother, Andrew. We can see that baby Drew is growing big and strong eager to fill in the position of being his daddy's little wingman :D

With the Jacob family
Our flower girl Alyssa all grown up and here she is holding her first pair of chopsticks!

With the Jacob family
Alyssa took this picture of her daddy & mommy...

With the Jacob family
She also captured this moment when mom was holding on to her baby brother Drew.

With the Jacob family
Aly with Auntie Sherene - and we both match in blue :D

With the Jacob family
With the Jacob family...

With the Jacob family
Alyssa loves trying on Auntie Sherene's sunglasses!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Hoover Dam

Our last full day in Vegas was spent with an early morning drive of about 30 miles to the Arizona border to Hoover Dam. We definitely beat the tourist groups being there early and needless to say, the weather was already a balming 102 degrees by 9:00 a.m. After that, it was back to the strip for more indoor entertainment, shopping and great food!

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When in Vegas...

It's been a very, VERY hectic August! Since leaving for Vegas at the end of July - we came back to Buffalo on August 4th. We all got some tan and Sharon came back with us to spend a little over a week before heading back to Indianapolis.

The trip to Vegas was filled with much walking and sightseeing and did I mention PLENTY of Mr. Sun. The weather averaged around 110 degrees fahrenheit and nights were around 100 degrees. We did have an evening or two when it dipped as low as 98 degrees.

We all got to see Dad who was really busy with the Malaysian bowling team. What ever time we can squeeze in with him - we did.

Viva Las Vegas

We got to see an old friend from college, Danny Png whom I have not seen since I left for NY. We were all very gracious to have him as a 'tourguide'.

Viva Las Vegas

In between seeing dad and hanging around the Vegas strip - we headed north to see the Jacob family. It was a relaxing Saturday and seeing baby Drew and playing with Alyssa indoors from the heat outside was heavenly! (*see next posting.)

Casinos are definitely everywhere and anywhere in sight - gamblers we were all not but good restaurants we enjoyed! Here are pictures from the trip... they will speak for themselves :)

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