Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Pack away....

Didn't know that I can fit so much into a luggage.. or two..3, 4? I did what every student going away did... SAT on top of the suitcase in order to be able to ZIP it up!~!~ Ack!~ Only 2 more days here in Penang.. and all my clothes are packed away dee...  Posted by Hello

All things shoes...

Today, I went to do some last minute shopping... what kind? SHOES of course... not that I am much of a shoe shoppaholic, but one has to pamper one's feet every now and then, right? I mean, Buffalo almost has an 8 month winter season... so.. it is only fair that my little wiggly toes get to be in something cute and open other than my heavy duty winter boots!~ Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Last night...

My last night out in Penang with amazing friends... Shen, Ai Chun and Chet@Dr.Yong...  Posted by Hello

June 28th, 2004...

Happy birthday to you... happy birthday to you... Happy Birthday to AYU.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!~!~!~! Wish Clarissa was here tooo... happy birthday to Claire!~!~!~~ June 26th, 2004 Posted by Hello

Chocobo Cthulhu

According to Chocobo Cthulhu, I should say:
"Shen is a hot guy and I'll find a hot woman like myself for him since I'm already happily taken" :P Posted by Hello

Monday, June 28, 2004

Raindrops keep fallin' on me head...

Rain, rain go away... cause it's Sher's last week here!~!~ Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Tilt your head right...uh... my left...your right... :P

How'd you all like this recent picture of me, myself and I ? Posted by Hello

Shop 'til i drOp!~!~

What a day this has been! NOt really much of a shopper but, when you have to get stuff for your one year survival away from home... you sooo gotta get it done. I bought... well, i picked it out and dad bought (love you dad!) them. I went berzerk *spice hunting for them Maggi goodies and i got some coool souveniors for my peeps back in NY. Heheh... above from that... I ate... and ate and ATE!~!~

Coming from the PAtHLab lady who explained to me what my blood test results were... my Cholestrol level is HIGH!! I should "Cut down on Red meat...." Red meat?? RED MEAT?!?!! I don't EAT much or ANY red meat to begin with... not so much of a fan...though I have been gobbling down on seafood a plenty since i got back in Penang... then she goes on to say..."Cut down on seafood too" Icks!~!~ Is that possible to a true Penangite girl? *sigh... well all i can say to myself is... "I had better load up on them seafood before I leave this food haven!~!~" Only 5 more days and counting :( I was also told to exercise more... sheesh!~!~ That's gonna be a challenge for me... but I will try... yeah right.. what do you all think? *wink...

Saturday, June 26, 2004

piRaCy or bUst!~!~

...for all things entertainment!~!~ Posted by Hello

piRacy & vips & VVIPs...

I ate a LOT today... really.. woke up, went to get my air tickets back to NY, went for dim sum.. less than 2 hours later... it was lunch... after that some shopping for things *pirated*.. hurrah for that... got back home around 6ish in the pm, cleaned and changed and off to another eating function... DINNER... only this one involves a lot of patience and we have to play the waiting game with the VIPS.

Come to think of it.. it is pretty sad to be sitting down by 7.30pm and wait until the arrival of the VVIPs until we get to nosh on something.. anything!~!~ What time did I finally get to apease myself over dinner??? 9PM!~!~! Aaaarrgghh... to all my close friends... you all know that starving Sherene is a NONO situation. Oh heck.. anyways.. sat through a heck lot of speeches and such a far spaced out dinner that i lost all appetite!~!~ But hey.. we managed to get out of that place by 11.45pm. Let's do a little math... 7.30 till 11.45 = 4 hours & 15mins. What kind of a DINNER was that!~!~~!

What now? Party with Shen & friends... at LUSH again trying to finish off whatever we had left over from last week.. heheh. Here's the list of the Peeps over there... ME ( ofcourse), Shen, Austin, Daniel, Chet, Nick, Shamini, Desi & Derek (he was here and there!) COol people all around and we had a not so great view of some "guy" shaking their so called "boOtY"!! ICK!~!~ Apart from that.. all was well and yeah.. that was the end of my last Saturday night back in Penang.

Okies.. this Princess is going to bed.. nights. To my dearest friend Clarissa, hAppY birthdaY!~!~!~!~ *muaks...

Friday, June 25, 2004

Traffic comes and traffic goes...

Come to think of it... the traffic in Penang seems to be just like that of other big major cities. Driving around Penang, trying to avoid the motorcyclist, crazy taxi and truck drivers seems to say to me that... Hey.. it's the same everywhere. Well.. almost everywhere that has CITY status. Compared to NYC's roads, they avoid "steam holes" ( I call them as I see them!) and cab drivers. Oh how I am going to miss traffic... NOT!!~ Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Last weekend already?

Oh my gosh... how time flies!~!~ This will be my last weekend here in Penang. Aawww.... my summer is half gone already!! *'s back to work and school for me. I am gonna miss this place.. maybe not the weather so much (hurrah for AC).. but I get enough tan to last me through this winter.

What did I do today? I met up with Ayu and Ai Chun, did some errands at Komtar... such as finally mailing out my postcards!! About time too. More errands and hanging out at cool places... !thank goodness for AC! Then, we stopped by Han Liang's place to pester him :P

At this time, I should begin writing down a list of what I should do before I leave and what to get. Oh what joY!~!~ DVDs galore and more.. Okay, gotta go grab some munchies.. I may just have eaten dinner... but I believe it's supper time dee~!~!~ :D

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Monkey see, monkey do...

Got this three wise monkeys somewhere in KLCC...
 Posted by Hello


What a day it has been... half a day that is. Since my time up from my slumber.. I have been clouded with a phase of non-decisiveness. I am indifferent with what is to come or what am I to do on a HOT (91 degrees, but feels like 101, really!~) day as today. As of current, I have attempted to drive off somewhere, anywhere.. with air-conditioning that is. Miserably, I got into the car, turned on the ignition, air-conditioning blowing and I just sat there thinking, "where to now?". Oh what am I to do? Well, here I am writing down my hopeless case as of this afternoon. Hope that the evening has something better in store for me.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

tRipping whAt?!? Meet Chode and his crew...

Not much of a scifi channel fan here... but this series did catch my attention. I have to admit the RIFT has gained my utmost devotion and time. My favorite episode so far is Love Conquers All...Almost. Check out Tripping the Rift at Enjoy!~!~