Sunday, October 31, 2004

not forgetting Kristi...

Kristi & Michele... Hey!~!~ You were supposed to come trick or treating at our place tonight... where were you??? By the way... us girls were wondering... are you Eve from Adam & Eve, Jane from Tarzan or something else? Posted by Hello

Lori.. the A student...

Not missing out on the action once again.... go GO LORI!~!~ Were you good in class today?? Michele & I had better check with your teacher... Posted by Hello

michele... miss devil...

once again... let's bring out attention once again to the sweet looking devil girl.. Michele!!~ Now... you have to admit.. she does look RED HOT in this misfit outfit!! Posted by Hello

just the girls...

Mary in her lovely Kenyan traditional garb, Tomoka as a French artist/painter and me at the party!~!~ Posted by Hello


Me & Sami at Diane's party!~!~ Posted by Hello

POSE.... ladies!~!~

Esmerelda, Risa, Sher & Diane over at the Whitney Place's Halloween partY!~! A bunch of us got our "GREEN CARDs" from Diane... liberty-torch-bearing-cape-wearing-SUPER-ISSS!! gREAT PARTY diAne!~!~ Posted by Hello

look... CAMERA ahead!~

More posses from the Halloween bunch!~!~ Posted by Hello

party time...

Getting ready for trick or treating... see us all here getting ready to go out Halloweening.. Lori & Sharon in their school girl outfits... Michele looking rather "angelic" in her devilish attire and me in me Genie-do & a lamp in my palm to go with it too... Posted by Hello

Saturday, October 30, 2004

pUmpkin tiME..

I's Halloweenie time!~~!~ Trick or treaters beware... I am on the lookout for yOU!~!~ Posted by Hello

Thursday, October 28, 2004


I have never much followed any series or episodes on weeknight television.. but this one caught my attention with its catchy tunes and ofcourse beautiful shots of Southern California.. you have got to try to watch the O.C. :) Posted by Hello

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

all tired out...

Aaacckkk.... it's 11.30pm and I got back from class like 35 minutes ago.. took a shower and now reading my emails.. to all my dear friends who wrote... i love reading your mails.. but I need major catching up with my Zzzzsss to last through this week!~!~ Pray that I will be more energized by tomorrow for yet another long day for work and classes... lotsa prepping to do for an upcoming exam and papers aplenty!~! say a prayer or two for me... much love... sher! Posted by Hello

Monday, October 25, 2004

vOtiNg 101...

I got this from Michele and I think this is one version of what may be happening right now with the presidential elections. Click on the vOtiNg 101 or Dummy book and see what I mean by that!~!~ Enjoy... Posted by Hello

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Malaysian nasi kandar a hit in Chennai

The Pelita outlet in Penang. Nasi kandar originating from here is making waves in Chennai.

The Star Online - Sunday October 24, 2004
Malaysian nasi kandar a hit in Chennai

CHENNAI: Nasi kandar, the hot and spicy curry rice dish concocted by Indian Muslim migrants to Malaysia, is being enjoyed not only by Malaysian curry lovers but also by Indian movie stars here. N. Chandrasekaran, restaurant operations manager of Pelita Nasi Kandar International (P) Ltd, a subsidiary of Pelita Nasi Kandar Sdn Bhd, said nasi kandar has been a hit with locals, including top actors and actresses.

"In a day, you can see at least two or three artistes coming here," he said, and rattled off the names of a string of famous Indian actors and actresses who are regulars at the restaurant.
Pelita, which opened here in March last year, has attracted screen idols like Kushboo, Vijaya Kumar, Shalini, Prasanth and Vasudevan. Pelita's runaway success in India, home of spices for curries and countless curry restaurants, has certainly proven sceptics bent on citing the idiom "Carrying coal back to Newcastle" wrong.

The restaurant, which operates 12 hours a day starting from 11am, gets between 600 and 700 customers each day, Chandrasekaran said, adding that the majority of its foreign customers are Malaysians, either staying or visiting the capital of Tamil Nadu state. "We have some frequent customers and there are some Malaysian customers who would call and order their food and request that the restaurant remain open until they come," he said when met at the outlet located strategically at T. Nagar, Chennai, a shopping district for jewellery and textiles.

Chandrasekaran said its customers preferred both Indian and Malaysian food like murtabak, satay, ais kacang and mee goreng. "Once they have tried them, they will (usually) come back again and ask for the same food, especially ais kacang," he said. Asked whether the restaurant advertised a lot to attract customers, Chandrasekaran said it did not but relied on Malaysians in Chennai to spread the word. "We have about 18 restaurants in Malaysia so the advertising is done in Malaysia. When Malaysians come to Chennai, they come to our restaurant. "

On the other hand, Indians who travel to Malaysia also get to know about our chain of restaurants. When they return home, they come (to our restaurant here) and ask for similar food. Chandrasekaran said the restaurant was usually crowded during Malaysian holidays and festive seasons, with a lot of Malaysians patronising it.

Given the good response, he said Pelita hopes to open outlets in Mumbai and New Delhi.
Pelita, he said, has received at least five inquiries to run franchise operations in India but the management preferred to have its own outlets. Asked when this expansion is expected to materialise, he said: “It is at the initial stage. We have not finalised anything. Our restaurants are expanding fast in Malaysia. Pelita has just opened an outlet in a former bungalow along Jalan Ampang near the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) and another in Penang, the home of nasi kandar. Bernama Posted by Hello

Friday, October 22, 2004


tWistEd we all may be... but we sure looked gReat for the camera whiLe playing tWistEr!~ Posted by Hello

sHaroN in cHarGE!~

Oh oh... look who's calling ALL the shots!~!~ Posted by Hello

beTTer late than nEvEr!~

Just got this picture from Michele.. it's from Scottie's camera.. me thinks lovie needs a shave.. but pretty macho and sexy still don't you all think?:p Posted by Hello

nite out...

Here are some pictures of us gals going to the theater.. it's a little late to be up on the blog but I just managed to get myself these lovely pictures... courtesy of Scottie!~~ Thanks... Posted by Hello


Scottie's angels... part deUx!! Posted by Hello

smile you two!~!~!~ Posted by Hello

Sunday, October 17, 2004