Saturday, March 12, 2005

get together...

Since it's Saturday and the start of Spring Break for UB.. I decided to lounge in my bed today way past noon... watching a few movies on TBS.. one of them being my favorite movie ever... While You Were Sleeping!!

I finally got out of bed at about 2pm to do laundry and did some cleaning around the house. After more tidying up.. I went to get Tomoka so we could get some groceries for our department pot luck later in the evening. Rachel's organized a little pot luck get together for some people from our department and some other guest. Tomoka brought Edamame.. one of my favorite healthy snacks while I made curried couscous with raisins and Key Lime Bars.

There were 14 of us there... Rachel, ME, Tomoka, Ngoc, Dorin (I hope I got that right!), Yu & her son Khun, Professor Nozaki & husband, Rita, Ali, Professor Bromley & wife and Manar with plenty of food to go around, refer to picture above. A big thanks to Rachel for organizing it... I had a wonderful time and you have a beautiful house... and Mr. Cat (Siamese) - Meowzle !~! Have a great break everyone and I will see the both of you, Rachel & Rita in California!!~ Posted by Hello

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