Friday, March 04, 2005

Kristen.. best RA ever!

Came back from dinner at Don Pablos with the girls, Lori & Tim... we had a pre-birthday dinner get-together for Michele and an early birthday dinner for Tim... it was more or less a mini get together that involves food and just plain gettting out of the house!

I was just checking emails and saw some friends on my AIM who came online... I just had to try messaging them once again (after many failed attempts to get some kind of reply from them)! Kristen wrote back and she is still around in Buffalo... Lockport to be more exact. We managed to catch up a little but most importantly... we exchanged numbers. I hear wedding bells on Kristen's side and I am soo excited for her! Congratulations girlfriend!!

I used to hang out over at Kristen's room all the time in my first semester in UB... she was the leader in our two-some group... we would spend late nights watching Friends, reruns of soap operas, gabbing away about boys, I accompany her walking up and down the halls to make sure all is well, 15 minute run throughs in Walmart, right before they were about to close, hall meetings and a lot more crazy stuff. Best of all.... she's the kindest, nicest, helpful friend a girl could ever wish for in her first few months in a new environment.

Now that I know where you live.. you had better be expecting some crazy girl knocking on your door and expecting to just talk your head off!! Remember when the picture was taken? You sent me off to the airport... I was leaving for Hawaii and I soo wanted to take you along with me! Posted by Hello

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