Wednesday, March 23, 2005

dining with Shamu..

After seeing Shamu, we went for lunch.. more of a brunch thing since we skipped breakfast. The food was amazing, for a park dining experience.. it was way better and edible than the one in Disneyland. Imagine that.. and we did complain to Mickey's employees.

I had a grilled salmon served with grilled veges and fries. To add to that, I had a baja shrimp salad, a cup filled with fresh strawberries and to wash down, iced-tea. As for Lisa, she had a seafood salad with salmon and shrimp.. we got the same sides except that she had a three colored/falovered jello along with everything else.

Tip for jello consumption while beeing outdoors for lunch.. not so great of an idea... they MELT - turns watery. Looking at my picture, you know how satisfied I was with my lunch and enjoying the sun at the same time.

*Fun fact!
Both of us also got the kid's meal since they were served in a killer whale shapped lunch pail. What suckers we were for all things cute! Posted by Hello

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