Sunday, April 29, 2012

Flashback - Baby Pete & Baby Sher

Here we are back in the days... from new born to under 9 months old.
Will be loading more soon!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Grandparents-2-be : Homework #1

I 'assigned' my mom and my father-in-law homework... to gather pictures of myself and Peter when we were born through our first birthday. What a great preview to see how Baby Milizia will turn out.
Stay tuned to see Baby Sherene and Baby Peter back in the days!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week 22

I looked a bit surprised here since I could not keep a straight face because husband maked me laugh while he took the picture :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Awesome Auntie!

Another surprise that came in the mail today... it was from Ai Ling who custom made this super adorable onesie for Baby Milizia. Ai Ling said this is for all the cool Aunties to Baby Milizia. And she is right about that... there's going to be a lot of amazing Aunties including Auntie Ai Ling! XoXoX
With love from Auntie Ai Ling

Friday, April 20, 2012

TGIF Surprise

Not only is it a TGIF indeed... but a TGIF with a special dedication on Facebook from my dear girlfriend back in Penang, Ween Nee Tan @ Baker Artist Extraordinaire who also owns this amazing store so appropriately named Sugar.Ween was inspired by yours truly with this special baby themed cake and we love it!! Thank you Auntie Ween Nee XoXoX

Made by Ween Nee Tan of Sugar & love-a-cupcake - April 2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

A closer look at Baby Milizia

We had another follow up ultrasound this morning and Baby Milizia is measuring good. We are officially half way there now at 20 weeks. This ultrasound session was to confirm what Peter and I already called which is an arrival date of the end of August - around August 29th date. I know Pete has been 'gloating' that he will be the 'younger' parent if and when baby Milizia arrives after my birthday. We will find out when she arrives!

Heartbeat of 152
We see your face!
Is that a thumb's up we see?

Baby Milizia's either yawning, talking or laughing :)

Monday, April 09, 2012

Baby Milizia announcement

Today, we officially told all our friends and colleagues of our impending parenthood and Baby Milizia of course! We celebrated with cupcakes at work - Peter helped me made these cute 'sticker-flags' to add on to our cupcakes.

Carrot cupcakes and chocolate swirls cupcakes
Baby girl calls for something sweet

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Anniversary dinner date...

For our anniversary dinner, I surprised husband to one of our very favorite (and the best) French restaurant in town - Tabree. We actually celebrated our third anniversary at Tabree as well but when they were in another location. Now that they moved to a closer location to where we live, I anticipate more outings there.

Being the foodie we are... we feasted ourselves minus my usual glass or two of wine in my current condition. We started with two appetizers - the foie gras over a bed of red cabbages slaw and the special appetizer of the day, the soft shelled crab with cucumber and mesclunn green side with roasted corn with a drizzle of sesame lemon vinaigrette. For our entrés, I had the lobster pappardelle, sweet peas cooked with a saffron cream sauce and Peter opted for the seared duck breast with haricot verts and a calvados sauce. .

Right before we headed in to the restaurant, we decided to opened up our cards for each other and my gift to Peter. Remember in my previous post, the supposed gift gifting etiquette for 5 years anniversary is supposed to be wood... this is what I got for Peter...

Look what I got!

I gifted Peter with a nice Wood based product - a gift box made out of paper! Nothing really sexy about the gift of wood at all ;P Now... what is in the box??

Daddy's girl for the future Dad-2-be

I just started shopping for Baby Milizia literally two days ago... and I could not resist getting this onesie for Peter. I also got this cute dress with matching cardigan for her. Let the shopping begin!
For our baby girl

Peter gave me several options for my anniversary gift... and his clue to the gift were so cheeky about how wood related it is. And yes dear friends... he is gifting me a piece of WOOD. He was really trying to keep a straight face as he reveals clues of the gift.

Things he said... 
  • it is made of all wood
  • its really hard wood
  • the best 'wood comes' from Malaysia
  • you get to 'relax' on it
So what is it??
A teak wood bench for the bathroom. I get to create a mini spa for us in our bathroom
Good to know that we are both still as silly with each other after all these year :)

Friday, April 06, 2012

Happy 5th Anniversary to us!!

It has been a really GOOD Friday today!! I came home to amazing loving husband who brought me this gorgeous bouquet of flowers!!

I love you husband! Here's to us!! Happy anniversary!
Gotta do the side pose so you get to see baby belly!
Can you spot the cute little bumble bee in the bouquet?
Peter got fancy with this funky picture angle!

And now we are off to our anniversary dinner - Peter has no idea where we are going!!

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Anniversary surprise...

Tomorrow is our 5th wedding anniversary and all Peter can joke is that the 5th anniversary gift is the gift of wood. Yeap you read it right.. WOOD. Whoever thought of this anniversary gift gifting etiquette does not have much imagination... or do they??!  < insert innocent dirty joke here > *wink wink, nudge nudge

So for this year, it's my turn planning our anniversary dinner plans and I am keeping it a surprise for Peter. He has no idea where we are going and what wood-worthy gift I will gift him! All in the name of love...

Tune in to find out what Peter receives...

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Baby names...

I was browsing websites on baby names... although we already picked our baby girl's name. I know some of  you already know what it is... but we figure we'll keep the suspense and mystery for those of you who do not know just yet. And if we let it slip in one of the future posts... then you will know then!

The one website I came across is called BabyNameGenie. And the very first post from a reader was the following...

Judith in WI wrote:
 I really like the name Pickle. Can I have suggestions for a middle name? I am definitely naming my son Pickle, so only middle name suggestions please!

Response from Baby Name Genie:
 I hereby warn you that naming your baby boy Pickle would not be kosher. But since you are against canning it, I reluctantly offer you the middle name Dillon.

Pickle - Dillon as in 'Dill-in' - Pickle Dill-ing - get it ?!?  (Sher being silly here!)

Monday, April 02, 2012

Week 18 1/2

Here's a picture taken today... belly does look a lot bigger than previous post!!