Thursday, March 31, 2005


This past two days, I have been in contact with some great friends with whom I have not seen or heard for some time. There's Jerry, George, Trevor & Zack - all my boys :P

Of the four, I managed to meet up with one of them... Zack!! Although it was for a brief moment, it was nice to see a familiar face once again. Zack has been busy training for his work. He works out of DC - at least he is closeby, kind of. This calls for another trip to DC. We were in the same class together in our undergraduate years, spent Spring Break in Daytona Beach, FL and both he and Trevor were living at the apartment right below mine back at Flint Village. You get to hear the most interesting sounds coming from their room.. I kid you NOT!! Posted by Hello

Sisters jump out of train

Got this piece of news from Florence - courtesy of the Star OnLine

KULAI: Two sisters jumped out of a train window after they realised they had slept through their stop.The girls, both Singaporeans aged eight and 12, boarded the train at Tanjung Pagar in Singapore to go meet their mother here yesterday.

The train reached Kulai and was about to pull out of the station at 10.30am when the girls woke up, realised that they had missed their stop and jumped out of the train window. They have been warded at the hospital here for observation.

* * *
Now, let me get this straight... law-abiding not so-law-abiding citizens in desperation jumps out the window when they missed their stop... couldn't they just have informed the authorities? I know that they are kids and all but... to jump ship (in this case - train)??! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

pesky little creatures...

I know that this is kind of a disturbing picture for me to even post.. but one can only wonder what in the world am I up to. Well, woke up yesteday... no internet connection. Was Adelphia having a network update or something? Never mind for now... came back home last night... still nothing!~ What the heck?!? Michele and I called Adelphia and they say that they will send someone over tomorrow... and they did.

Mr. Adelphia #1 said that the signal and all is well but, the only thing from his diagnosis was that there may be a leak into one of the wires undergroud. What did he mean by that? Digging around our place or what? Fret now.. he assured that the engineer which he will be calling would know how to replace whatever and wherever that it may be leaking. I went with that explanation... a few eye-lash battering moments, made sure he wrote down on our check-up receipt that we will be credited with any interruptions and maybe more.. :P

Sharon got home... saw Mr. Adelphia #2... the engineer to the rescue... so we thought... his diagnosis... a squirrel... yeah... no kidding... a little SQUIRREL had managed to chew and broken our cable line. That explains the picture posted!!

And so.. here I am... still in the office... sitting in for Amy who's away for a conference catching up on all my work, emails and this posting to let you all know of the internet-less few days that is to come.

p.s: NO squirrels were harmed at the time of this posting! Posted by Hello

Monday, March 28, 2005

Earthquake off Sumatran coast

Indian Ocean quake causes panic - BBC News

A major earthquake in the Indian Ocean has hit the coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, just over three months after last year's tsunami. It struck just before midnight local time, with an estimated magnitude of 8.7, and caused widespread panic.

To read more.. click on the link above! Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 27, 2005

back in Buffalo...

Got back to Rochester safely last night..well, past midnight that is.. feeling relieved to be back and tired. Easter sunday was great as always over at the Milizia's... cousins, friends and plenty of food on the table. Now that I am back home in my comfy 'lil room... I've got plenty of unpacking, laundry rounds, going through my emails... etc. Will be updating more later in the week!~ Got plenty of pictures to show and tell!! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

fuzzy gifts to take home with...

I have no more room to pack fuzzy friends to take home with me.. since I am not heading straight back home... heading a little north to San Jose on Thursday.. so, a picture will do. Posted by Hello

dolphin encounter...

And who can even think about skipping to see the dolphins?! NO ONE!~ Posted by Hello


Here's the best shot I got of the beluga whale.. Posted by Hello

black & white.. and a 'lil yellow..

Here are the penguins... Posted by Hello

Arctic zone

Still in the Arctic zone.. we got to see the polar bears.. one was too sleepy to acknowledge us but the other was scratching its tushie against a rock! How cute... right? Posted by Hello

just me...

Me going to see the penguins... Posted by Hello

say cheese...

And here we are... more than semi-soaked in our clothes... and to the two cutest and coolest girls from N. Carolina, Rebecca & Danielle... have a awesome 2 week break!~ Posted by Hello

get set.. ready... H20

Next on our activity chart was the Shipwreck Rapids... get ready to get drenched! Posted by Hello

dining with Shamu..

After seeing Shamu, we went for lunch.. more of a brunch thing since we skipped breakfast. The food was amazing, for a park dining experience.. it was way better and edible than the one in Disneyland. Imagine that.. and we did complain to Mickey's employees.

I had a grilled salmon served with grilled veges and fries. To add to that, I had a baja shrimp salad, a cup filled with fresh strawberries and to wash down, iced-tea. As for Lisa, she had a seafood salad with salmon and shrimp.. we got the same sides except that she had a three colored/falovered jello along with everything else.

Tip for jello consumption while beeing outdoors for lunch.. not so great of an idea... they MELT - turns watery. Looking at my picture, you know how satisfied I was with my lunch and enjoying the sun at the same time.

*Fun fact!
Both of us also got the kid's meal since they were served in a killer whale shapped lunch pail. What suckers we were for all things cute! Posted by Hello

Killer "cute" whales

Three's a crowd...even for Shamu and friends! Posted by Hello

shamu spotting!!~

Look at Shamu jumP! Posted by Hello

Shamu, we will see!

Tuesday... woke up, started off early with the drive to San Diego.. we got there in good time, 1 hour... just hit minor traffic around the city limits of San Diego. And instead of the infamous SD zoo or other animal safari kingdom parks.. we went to my favorite park.. Seaworld! This is my second Seaworld park to visit... Seaworld - Orlando, FL & now Seaworld - San Diego, CA. The final park.. is Seaworld -San Antonio, TX... and this time I am bringing sweetie along 'cause I want him there with me!~! Posted by Hello

Girls day of fun rides...

Here we are in the Fastpast queue waiting for our turn. We went on this ride... twice... Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Frontierland. Posted by Hello


Monday, we made it to Disneyland!!~ It was a short 20 minutes drive from Matt's place.Posted by Hello

we made it for Cheesecake!~

Seeing that I have been in and out and around town... postings are a little off in terms of timeline.. so bear with me. After the beach, we all headed back to the mall.. for some shopping, and our second attempt for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Seeing that it's a Sunday evening.. things should not be that NOT really.. but we still got out table after about 20 minutes. Food was amazing... we ate a lot needless to say and a some drinking going between us girls. Lisa had a strawberry Margarita and as for me.. the usual, Margarita on the rocks! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

see you Huntington...

Byes to Huntington and any posting of more pictures for now!~ Yesterday, Lisa and I were at Disneyland and today, we are off to Seaworld, San Diego. Buhbyes for now... Posted by Hello

Johnny & Bean..

As we were walking around Main Street, we spotted a guy who could actually be Johnny Knoxville.. we didn't go back Star spotting but went for ice-cream instead at Cold Stone - something like Marble Slab ice-cream in Austin, TX. On our way back to the beach, I had to just take a picture of this car. Why? See for yourself... Mr. Bean was in Southern California! Posted by Hello

paintball craze

Plenty of people by the pier... paintball players, vendors and spectators a plenty! Posted by Hello

paintball crazy

The day we were at Huntington Beach, there was also the national paintball competition going on. That explains for the shooting sound we were all wondering at first! Posted by Hello

surf's up!

Out to surf... Posted by Hello