Wednesday, March 30, 2005

pesky little creatures...

I know that this is kind of a disturbing picture for me to even post.. but one can only wonder what in the world am I up to. Well, woke up yesteday... no internet connection. Was Adelphia having a network update or something? Never mind for now... came back home last night... still nothing!~ What the heck?!? Michele and I called Adelphia and they say that they will send someone over tomorrow... and they did.

Mr. Adelphia #1 said that the signal and all is well but, the only thing from his diagnosis was that there may be a leak into one of the wires undergroud. What did he mean by that? Digging around our place or what? Fret now.. he assured that the engineer which he will be calling would know how to replace whatever and wherever that it may be leaking. I went with that explanation... a few eye-lash battering moments, made sure he wrote down on our check-up receipt that we will be credited with any interruptions and maybe more.. :P

Sharon got home... saw Mr. Adelphia #2... the engineer to the rescue... so we thought... his diagnosis... a squirrel... yeah... no kidding... a little SQUIRREL had managed to chew and broken our cable line. That explains the picture posted!!

And so.. here I am... still in the office... sitting in for Amy who's away for a conference catching up on all my work, emails and this posting to let you all know of the internet-less few days that is to come.

p.s: NO squirrels were harmed at the time of this posting! Posted by Hello

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