Tuesday, July 27, 2004

New Home.. new bEgiNnings...

Well people... it's official... Michele and I finally decided and have signed the lease to our new "home". We got a 2 bedroom townhouse, it's within the Williamsville area and it will take me about 10 mins to drive to school. Not bad at all... its close by to most places, the thruway for Michele to get to work, to the Galleria mall, there's gyms around our lovely little apartment/townhouse complex, Wegman's is within walking distance.. not that I am ever gonna walk, and plenty of cute little stores surrounding us. Since we are nesteled between Main Street & Sheridan, we pretty much have easy access to most of the places. So excited... yet fairly stressful as the moving out and moving in begins!~!~ Aaahh... moving out of campus for the first time since January 2000... I am living away from campus for once... oh how I'm gonna miss my comfort zone... my T3 ethernet connection!~!~ Humbug.. cable link and whatever's out there is pretty good these days, so no worries regarding that!~!~ Will keep everyone posted and look out in your emails for the new address of mine!~!~ Pictures coming soon... cheerios!~ Posted by Hello

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Sterling, New York - Renaissance Festival 2004

So.. to the Renaissance Fest we go... to the Renaissance Fest we go... and what a fun time we had!~! For starters... there were lotsa great foood to try and feast on. I had my tummy filled with them fried clams and fried with coleslaw on the side, Sharon had a grilled portobello mushroom sandwich, Michele was very pleased with her Stuffed steak.. me thinks... pockets, as you can see from the other picture... Wei Loon was the brave one who attempted and successfully finished the Great Big Turkey Leg. To me, it reminds me of little Bam Bam, from the Flintstone's "bamBam" cLuB!~!~ ANyways... thanks to Nancy & Mario once again for bringing the rest of us troopers there. It was a great day overall with plenty of sunshine and cooling breeze for everyone~!~! Posted by Hello

Ladies awaiting...

Lookie... them fair maidens escorting the Queen.. where is the QuEEn, me wonders?? Posted by Hello

big Feast...

And here comes Wei Loon with his big Turkey leg lunch/dinner... Posted by Hello

My Knight in sMiLes...

He is HERE... next to me!~!~!~!~!~*muaks to you love.... Posted by Hello

Oooohh... dragon!~!~

And where is my great knight to save thee from 'ze dragon beast? Posted by Hello

Pretty ladies...

Them pretty ladies with their lovely hair garlands... Lady Sharon & Lady Michele... Posted by Hello

Guy in steel!~!~

Bring in the Knights and GOD save the Queen mum... it's the renaissance festival once again at Sterling, NY 2004 ... Posted by Hello

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Austin City Limits...

Okay.. who's up for this? I soooo want to go for this year's music fest... not a BAD line up at all!! WHat am I talking about?!! It's a great line-up for fun-music-loving people!~!~ September 17-19... who's gonna be there? See you in Austin, TX!~!~!~ Posted by Hello

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

fUnny doooDddah!~!~!~

YeeeeHHhaaaaaa....... This one's a gooood one!~!~!~ Click on the picture to PLAY!~! Enjoy!~! Posted by Hello

Monday, July 19, 2004

hear me... hear ME!~!~

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August & Me...

My friend Jana passed this one to me...  so to those who were also born in the month of August... read on....

Loves to joke
Attractive ..... ooohh...
Suave and caring ... I should think so...
Brave and fearless ..... not so sure about this one....
Firm and has leadership qualities ..... ??
Knows how to console others ........ what say you Jana? 
Takes high pride of oneself
Thirsty for praises
Extraordinary spirit ..... u think?
Easily angered
Angry when provoked ... you betcha!~
Easily jealous
Observant .... depends!
Careful and cautious ...... maybe...
Thinks quickly
Independent thoughts
Loves to lead
Loves to dream ......ZzzzZZzz....
Talented in the arts, music and defense .... I don't think so!!
Sensitive but not petty
Poor resistance against illnesses ..... winter times, yes! !
Learns to relax .... not so good on this one...
Hasty and trusty
Romantic ..... hopeless!~!~
Loving and caring ..... yes....
Loves to make friends   .....  : )  
Posted by Hello

cHerrY woOod...

The wine rack arrived!~!~!~!~ About time too.... hhmmpphh! Michele and I ordered it for Nancy's birthday last week, sadly it only arrived almost one week later... it took almost 2 weeks to get to Henrietta by way of California. Anyways, Michele and I tried putting this Cherry wood wine rack together, we're not so much about reading them instructions... well, I wasn't. With a little help from Peter and Mario and some elbow grease, we did put it together... correctly!!~ We need to get more wine on it Nancy!! Cheers... Posted by Hello

New chauffeur ?? Ooohh la laa...

This means that Sharon will have to start practising driving, when she gets her NY state driver's license... I have a new driver!~No more driving her around anymore!~!~! Yippie!  Posted by Hello


It's official... here's the car!~!~!~ My new babY!~!~ Whohooo.... Posted by Hello

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Buffalo rain...

Usually, this is the view I get to relax my eyes upon when driving around campus. Unfortunately, Buffalo weather is not permitting me much of this enjoyable moment. Catching the tail end of some major thunderstorms, we are showered by rain and more rain. Dark rain clouds blocking out the sunshine... *sigh... what a waste!~! Oh when are these gloomy wet days going to pass?? Posted by Hello

summer grillin'

GRILLED....chicken, tilapia, yellow & red peppers, portabello mushrooms and corn on the cob!~!~ Yummies awaits... hhmmm... barbeque grilling!~~ Posted by Hello

Monday, July 12, 2004

tHink piNK!~

HUggables... that's what we are!~!~!~ Posted by Hello

pretty in pastel...

Don't we three look cute??!! Talk about wardrobe coordination or something. I mean.. two sisters and one honorary sister... Pastel PoWer!~!~ Posted by Hello

mAke a wiSH...

the Cake.... Posted by Hello


..&.. the surprise!~!~!~ Posted by Hello

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Birthday greeting...

hAppy birthday to you... happy birthday to you... HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear NANCY!~!~!~!~! happy birthday to yoU!~!~ Lotsa love from Peter and Sher... not forgetting the entire Cheah family; Sharon, Tinny & BC :) Posted by Hello

Marmeee Mindi...

She's back!~!~ I have not seen Mindi since... err... since well, a year or so now. She left for Okinawa and lucky Japan to have her there. I missed her soo much. No more fun trips to the mall or hanging out with some yummy cocktails. But the fact that she is back in town, a couple hours from where I am now... is good enough for me!~!~

Remember the time when we were in the Burlington store and we both fitted into a BIGMAN overalls. We both filled "snuggly" into each pant leg, me in the right and you in the left. Although it was a little hard to zip the both of us up to resemble a mixed-breed-two-headed-girls-in-overalls; I think the lady at the store was yelling or just plain mad at us for clowning around. Thank goodness one of us had the camera and thanks to Peter, we have a picture of it. This reminds me, I have got to get that picture scanned and uploaded so we can share it with everyone!~!~  Posted by Hello

Saturday, July 10, 2004

spiderMAN & anchorMAN...

This is how my weekend started... I finally saw Spiderman 2... oooh... i love that show!~!~!~ Mary Jane looked beautiful in that bridal dress... though Parker was a little confused in the beginning in trying to discover himself, how sweet was that when he rescued her... AGAIN... when he fhad his masked off and said hi to MJ and his little comment on how "heavy" the load he was holding up. Anyways... Parker to the rescue and the love of his life MJ is right beside him now. And as for me... I got my Petey here with me too :P *love you babes....

After Spidey, Sharon, Wei Loon and I went on for another movie, this time to see our beloved funny man WIll Ferrell. OOohh... to those who thinkg the Old School gang was hilarious.. this one's even better!~!~ It was a full house of course on opening night... but this show is hands down hilarious!~!~ You have got to go see it!~!~
"This is Ron Burgundy... Stay Classy San Diego!!"  Posted by Hello

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

gimme a C.O.U.G.A.R. !!!

Cougar... I love this car... what's not to like? It's a sleek coupe with smooth rounded fronts and cool lights from the back... 2-doors, etc.... sadly, they stopped making them since 2002. But look at it!~!~!~ Doesn't it just calls to you?? *pUuUuRrrrrr..... Posted by Hello

From LAX with love...

To Jeff from Nashville, TN.... thank you so much for the pleasant company from Taipei to LAX... and for all the running, walking, tracking, calling and keeping a look out for me when in need. That McDonald's dinner/supper/breakfast was one great meal we share.. *blek.... and I must say we both have covered... in walking distance... ALL of the LAX terminals before we went separate ways. Big cheers for Jeff for keeping Sherene sane in her looong journey back to NY :) Posted by Hello