Wednesday, March 16, 2005

the circle of Sher's life...

Been swamped with work... I'm trying to get all my school work & projects done before I leave for California ... the girls and I are heading to Rochester after work on Friday since my flight leaves on Saturday morning from there. I should be excited to be leaving, but my mind is everywhere this moment. As I have mentioned before, school work, paperwork, readings... and some how during this spring break.. I am surviving from lack of sleep and I haven't played around much with my new mini iPod. How in the world is that possible?!! No clue? Grad school x2!

As Timon & Pumbaa would say... Hakuna Matata - it means NO Worries... therefore, we went to see the Lion King this evening. Wei Hui, Chee Ming & Eric joined us girls to this somewhat last minute decision to see the show. Got tickets rather late, therefore succumbing us to seats at the back left corner of the theater. We moved a little closer to the center stage.. not by much, but still closer. The costumes, colors and music were awesome. I had my eyes on the adult Simba actor.. he had a great body!! Some people just work out.. a LOT! Can't help myself... (you reading this Peter? *muaks...) plus, I think he had the best vocals as compared to the other cast members!!Posted by Hello

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