Wednesday, October 31, 2007

tRick or tReat!!

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Wanda who?
Wanda go for a ride on my broomstick?

Monday, October 29, 2007

IA Family


The IA Family: (L-R) Ming, Young Sang, Nafisa, Isabella, Sherene & Ji at the Malaysian Student Assocation's Raya & Deepavali Celebration

IMG_0862 IMG_0863
Here's pictures of everyone enjoying yummy Malaysian cuisine.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A green story...

Now that we have set our dates and venues for both weddings, one of the most frequent question I get from family and friends is on the color(s) of the event. Luckily for Pete and myself, we have always known it would be some hue/shade of green with accents of ivory and white. Reasons being...
  • we both have bedsheets that are of some pastel shade of green.
  • we found the perfect wedding favors (they are green!) that "symbolizes" our relationship.
  • we the simplicity and elegance of the cymbidium orchids (green, sage cymbidiums).
  • we enjoy lime! (key lime, mandarin lime, kaffir lime, Persian lime, etc.) And they are a shade of green.
  • Sher margaritas and they are made with = lime, which is = green.
  • Peter loves granny smith apples = green.
  • Kermit is Green, and it's not easy being green.

I think you get the idea... :D
Here's a look at our color pallette and ideas for our wedding!

Color pallette

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The musical Janet Lee

I came to know of Janet Lee through Ke Wynn's (our Penang wedding photographer) recent wedding shoot. The lovely couple had procured the talented Ms. Lee to perform at their wedding reception. I visited her website(s) and blogs and was mesmerized by her voice and accomplishments to date. Most of all, many of the songs in her repertoire consists of classics and jazz standards which are on our wedding song list.

Speaking of a song list, we never really had a wedding song list... what started off as a list of favorite american jazz standards which we enjoyed dancing to (YES, Pete does indulge me in a dance or two every now and then! I love him for it!) from my favorite crooners such as Steve Tyrell, Jane Monheit, Stacey Kent, Michael Bublé, etc., brought about this wedding song list which I have compiled and presented to my dear friends who have tied the knot.

Needless to say, I was impressed to have found a local singer who have these songs in her repertoire and especially one who can belt out the classics in the way they were meant to be adding her own personal touch to it. Maybe Ms. Lee will be singing at our Penang wedding? Maybe?!

For more information about Janet Lee, visit her website at and you can also listen to Janet's Demo tracks on her MYSPACE site at or here on my blog of her rendition of Misty.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Whizarts wonders!

One of the most vital part in our wedding planning is locating a wedding photographer that would not only capture moments of our special day (in our case, days) but to also be able to capture it in a candid, journalistic and artistic way that reflects our personality and vision of simplicity, chic and elegance. This was no easy task!! Seeing that we have two weddings... we had double duty in search for wedding photographers.

I was home this past summer and was fortunate enough to communicate and meet with two photographers that Pete and I had narrowed down from our internet research. Thanks to the internet, early planning stages and browsing of options were possible especially if one were to plan a wedding from a far. And even then, it was no walk in the park! My dear friend from high school Ween Nee accompanied me to meet with my photographer. Yes, I did go with with them - Whizarts Wedding Photography. I was very delighted to have met Ke Wynn (principal photographer) & Alishia (senior photographer).

Upon inspecting their portfolio, I knew that they were the ones to capture our wedding day. One of the pet peeves Peter and I had on wedding photography is that the photographer should have a good balance in capturing small details of the wedding as well as everything else to it. In our search of photographers around US and Malaysia, we have seen many photographers who steer either too much into tiny details in pursuit of being "artistic" to those on the other end of the spectrum who simply took pictures as one would with a point and shoot camera - no photojournalistic vision what so ever. In addition to that, Pete and I wanted a local photographer who would be able to share his vision in incorporating sights and backgrounds of my lovely island city home of Penang.

We are both really excited to be working with Ke Wynn next December 2008. It may be more than a year away... but eager nonetheless to have him with us on our special day among family and friends. If you are interested to see more of his work... visit his blog HERE!

Penang wedding photographer... CHECK! That means the search is still on for a photographer for our NY wedding in September 2008. And what a whirlwind of a seach that has been... details to come in a future post.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Help me get my Jimmy Choos (shoes)!

I am absolutely, totally, crazy in love with this pair of Jimmy Choos!!! I have been searching high and low for this pair. Wouldn't it be so perfect with my bridal dress? Don't I sound like a bride now?!! Well, I can always keep the design in sight and look out for something similar or have it custom made. Or... I can be a little desperado and try hunting down Mr. Choo to have him make another pair for me?! He is after all a Penangite and a Penangite would not let leave a sister in despair right?! Wishful thinking!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Mario!


Happy Birthday Dad!!
We love you lots...
Sher & Pete

Happy Birthday Suveea!

Many happy returns of the day and a
Happy Birthday Suveea!~!
Hope you like your surprise at work!
Miss you lots,
Sher & Pete

Thursday, October 18, 2007

With love from Vivian - Part deux

To Catherine with love... from Vivian

Catherine also had a collage compiled and made with love from Vivian. And Viv is right... she does have a Cameron Diaz smile :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

With love from Vivian...

With love...  from Vivian

Vivian made this mosaic for me (with love of course) and made a posting on her blog. And according to her... I have been given the title of Flickr Ambassador 2007. Hurrah!! Errmm.... wait. Question... do I get paid for this? :P

Duh?! I told you so!!

Now... we all knew there were darn good reasons things should be done meritocratically and not through racial preferencing. We all knew down the road that there would be repercussions.... as the Chronicle pointed out...

"Each year the country's leading institutions slide farther down on international surveys that rate academic quality — or they don't show up at all."

Well..... DUH!?! " I TOLD YOU SO!!"

So much for wanting to compete with Singapore and the rest of the world in becoming some center of academic excellence when all your bright, university deserving students are fleeing the country!

Malaysia Announces New Higher-Education Strategy

The Chronicle of Higher Education
From the issue dated October 19, 2007

Malaysia Announces New Higher-Education Strategy

The government of Malaysia, whose universities are battling a reputation for mediocrity, recently announced plans to revitalize its lagging university system and turn the country into a center of higher education in Southeast Asia. But critics of the proposals say that until universities operate on a system of merit that is free from political interference, the plans will be empty words.

Excellence in higher education has been elusive for Malaysia. Each year the country's leading institutions slide farther down on international surveys that rate academic quality — or they don't show up at all. Their mediocre reputation has called into question the government's goal of attracting 100,000 international students by 2010.

At an August meeting of government ministers and higher-education officials, Malaysia's prime minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, said that some 20 public universities would be granted autonomy from the central government, though not in all areas. They will be encouraged to raise their own money and will be given more power over how to spend it. Some universities will also be given more indepedence in hiring faculty members.

But the prime minister stopped short of allowing public universities complete freedom to enroll only the best students or recruit top faculty without regard to race, stating that the universities will still have to reflect the racial makeup of the country.

Although they are the majority, ethnic Malays benefit from an affirmative-action program that was created in 1971 when they were the poorest and least-educated ethnic group. Today, Malays are still given preference when it comes to government jobs, and they pay lower interest rates and housing prices than do other ethnic groups.

Ethnic Malays also take an easier university entrance examination than non-Malays. Unable to gain admission into the country's better programs, and often denied government scholarships, thousands of ethnic Chinese and Indian students leave the country each year and do not return.

The race-based system also applies to government teaching jobs, making it difficult for non-Malays to get hired. Faculty members complain that promotion is not based on research or publishing, but on pledging loyalty to the government-appointed administration.

Lim Kit Siang, a prominent member of the opposition Democratic Action Party, criticized the plans for failing to end a system that favors one race over the others.

Azmi Sharom, an associate professor of law at the University of Malaya, who has been critical of the government's interference in higher education, said he applauded the plan to give public universities more autonomy, particularly if vice chancellors are selected for their academic qualifications and not their political allegiances.

"When you have decisions that are made for political reasons, then it's not sound academic practice," said Mr. Sharom. "If you are going to be the best, you can't be having any of this hanky-panky."

The government has vowed to overhaul higher education before. But most of the measures have been cosmetic, designed more to raise the country's rankings in international surveys than to actually improve the quality of education.

The economist Jeffrey D. Sachs, director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, was given an endowed chair at Malaya partly to elevate the profile of the languishing university. The move has caused grumbling among local scholars who wonder how Mr. Sachs, who holds multiple positions at Columbia and has rarely set foot in Malaysia since his appointment in 2006, can make a contribution.

"Anyone can see it's all show," said Mr. Sharom. "They are so obsessed with the rankings, they are doing things just to boost them. Jeffrey Sachs is a symptom of that."

Section: International
Volume 54, Issue 8, Page A33

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bridesmaids dresses... check!

The bridesmaids dresses have been finalized!! Big thanks to all the girls for their input and approval :) Special thanks to Claire for running to the store and inquiring, comparing and trying the dress on this past Friday evening.

If you think it is fun hunting for dresses, I'd say its more tiring and hair-raising at times. Finding the style was not a hard task..... it was trying to locate the dress in the style you want with the correct fabric material you have opted for and deciding over the different color hues different designers have to offer - that was making things difficult!! However, I'd have to admit that was one heck of an experience and I am glad that is over and done with.

The dress I chose was one of the very first collections which I looked at. So after much searching, it all came back to what first caught my eye. If only I knew to just go with my first hunch..... save some crazy trips to bridal shows, bridal stores and even a bridal salon in Canada! Everyone says you just have to look around just in case you find something better - and it's all part of the process in the making of a bride.

All the girls ordered their dresses before the weekend ended and what a relief that was for me!! And now, what are we going to do with shoes?! The (new) search hunt continues!!

** The comic above was so cute, I couldn't resist adding on with the posting.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Lazy Lobster weekend!

Just uploaded these photos from last weekend which Pete and I deemed as "lazy lobster". It was a couple of hours where we had time to ourselves and what did we do? Played with a member of our meal - Mr. Maine New-Shell Lobster! Wegmans had a weekend lobster special for $7.99/lbs. Coming from a seafood lover.... how can I miss that?!

Lazy lobster weekend

**Notice how Mr. Lobster tried escaping from the refrigerator!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Recovering Sharon!


Sharon is doing well after her right foot surgery. She is getting somewhat used to the crutches :P She's a cheerful recovering patient!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Naples's Grape Festival

Sunday was spent walking and exploring the town of Naples at their annual 2-day Grape Festival. The first and last time Nancy and I came to the Grape Fest was some 4 years ago. The changes we see... where are the GRAPES?!? There were a lot more grape related goods and all the yummy dessert treat every other store, but not this time around. It's turning more into yet another arts and food fair. Nancy, Pete and I feasted on some fair foods (grape custard cream, artichoke french - my favorite, sweet potato fries, salt potatoes, etc.) and went around looking for grape pies. We did find the pies!! :D

At the Fall Grape festival in Naples, NY