Sunday, March 06, 2005

birthday treat...

It was Michele's day yesterday.. so after a lazy morning getting ourselves ready for dinner... we whisked the birthday girl to Carrabas where a reservation for 9 awaits. This time, it was the girls outnumbering the guys by one. Who were there... the girls; Michele, Lori, Sharon, Nancy and myself - the men; Peter, Mario, Chee Ming and Scottie.

During appetizers, we had Michele open up her presents. Chee Ming, Peter and I got her an iPod Shuffle - which she has been going on and on and on about, Scottie got her the radio frequency transmitter for the iPod and the new Disney Bambi DVD, Sharon got her a much wanted workout DVD, Lori got Michele and beautiful red crystal vase - it matches our red couch! Posted by Hello

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