Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jillian & Steve's Wedding

From NY to Malaysia to Hong Kong and back to NY, upstate NY that is - we had another wedding to go to. It's Peter's former co-worker, Steve, they worked together back in Johnson & Johnson's. We touched down in JFK, got our rental and drove up to Poughkeepsie for the wedding.

Jillian & Steve's Wedding

Wedding party waiting for the newlyweds...

Jillian & Steve's Wedding
The beautiful bride and groom...

Jillian & Steve's Wedding
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Kelly

Jillian & Steve's Wedding
Love the cake!

Jillian & Steve's Wedding
With the newlyweds...

Jillian & Steve's Wedding
Congratulations to Steve and Jillian! Wishing you both much happiness and joy!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Hong Kong - May 2010

Our usual stop on our way back to NY is a stopover in Hong Kong. This trip is no exception. Our gastronomic adventures continued with Vivian and Catherine in this metropolis.

Hong Kong May 2010
Heading to Central for dinner

Hong Kong May 2010 Hong Kong May 2010
Siu Long Bao - we've been waiting for you!!

Hong Kong May 2010
Cat has been renamed Chan Baba due to her fascination with the Baba Nyonya culture & cuisine from her trip to Penang.

Hong Kong May 2010 Hong Kong May 2010
Pete's favorite - the Wu Kok@Yam Bundle

Hong Kong May 2010
I still cannot believe that the waiter questioned our order! There were only 3 of us but we ordered a lot. We did manage to eat them all up!

Hong Kong May 2010
What I love the most about HK dim sum - 'the lo sar pau' made with the salted duck egg yolk custard.

Hong Kong May 2010
Up on the openair rooftop patio at Sugar@East Hotel

Hong Kong May 2010
We heart HK!

Hong Kong May 2010
Sher & 'Chan Baba' Cat

Hong Kong May 2010
Pete with my girls...

Hong Kong May 2010
With my girls...

Hong Kong May 2010
Cat's sister Janet joined us for drinks at the Blue Bar@Four Seasons Hotel

Hong Kong May 2010
Our last night together in HK

Hong Kong May 2010
We have NO idea what Viv was shooting/pointing at?!

Hong Kong May 2010
How to pack the mahjong set box with other non-mahjong items...

Hong Kong May 2010 Hong Kong May 2010
Good job Peter!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pictures from home - May 2010

Since we literally had 9 days on the island - we had to be super organized to do as many things with everyone and eat up all the yummy food from home. If you don't already know, OCD-Sher came prepared. We had a 4-paged itinerary for every day we were traveling. I think we manage to do a whole lot and more.

We managed to see all the cousins, aunts & uncles at our family reunion dinner at Goh Teo Kee restaurant. Thanks to owner, UB alum and friend Hun Guan for helping make the dinner event a success. And super big thanks to our aunts, uncles and cousin for making the time to come see us.

Here are pictures in summation of our time in Penang...

DSCN4727 DSCN4729
With my Taiping grandparents, aunts & uncle and cousin Cheryl.

DSCN4743 DSCN4747
Dim Sum at Bali Hai

Sorry Sharon - this is what you are missing!!

By Gurney Drive

DSCN4760 DSCN4761
Ween's workshop@home - Dad admiring Ween's amazing work!

Me about to get motion sickness! :P

Mother/Daughter -in-laws enjoying ais kacang

Lunch meet at New World Park

With Fenny & Hun Guan

Family picture... taken by cousin Jaron Oon
Family reunion dinner at Goh Teo Kee

Uncle Richard and Pete
Peter with Uncle Richard

Pete and Chun Pin DSCN4807
Peter with cousin Chun Pin & Uncle KK

Car ride photo op! This is what happens with we get together with Chele!

Nice shoes Chele!

The best plate of Ayam Bawang ever!! Must try it out at Jalan Tengah!

Adrian stops by on his lunch break

With my Ee-Po

Korean dinner with Uncle Larry & my 언니 (eonni), Eun Jung

DSCN5417 DSCN5419
Mom had too much blackberry soju!

Ai Chun came all the way back from KL to see me!! Thanks babe!

With my grandma... we miss you a lot!!! XoXoX