Monday, May 30, 2005

Put your feet up...

And then there was three... well, 3+1 to be exact.. the girls and Peter. After all our visitors have come and gone... it's back to the daily rituals we have all came to appreciate - normalcy. While it has been a joyous reunion among family and friends, it's a little relief to just do nothing but be burried in the comforts of your bed, with the remote control in hand. And so, after much needed rest and reclaiming sleep time.. the girls woke up to a day at the mall on Saturday and cleaning out their desks that have been piling up with mails. Peter was over this weekend as we all headed over to Amy and Leslie's yesterday afternoon for their housewarming party. Spent quite some time over at their place yesterday among circles of friends and food. And today, back to lounging and doing pure nothingness of relaxation. Posted by Hello

Friday, May 27, 2005

Congrats Han Liang!~

Sharon and I were very lucky to have met up not only with Han Liang this evening, but also with his youngest brother - Han Wei, dad, Mr. Chong, family friend, Auntie Yoke Chin and her two sons, Daniel and Joel. They have all just came from Rochester, visiting the campus and also a business meeting at RIT. After visiting the Falls, one cannot NOT go see the Falls when one is within the vicinity and at this lovely time in the year - a boat ride on the Maid of the Mist which they all ofcourse did. We all met up in UB and after a brief tour of the campus, to dinner we all went, at Lebro's for Italian food.

We're going to miss Han Liang as he is leaving for home after Memorial Day. This weekend is Cornell's graduation weekend and Han Liang's commencement ceremony is tomorrow. Peter and I were planning on cheering on for Han Liang at his ceremony but we are tied up here in Buffalo with some other plans. Anyways, a BIG congratulations to you Han Liang. It seemed like it was only yesterday that we picked you up from Syracuse airport and sent you to Cornell, checked in and shopping for stuff. Until my next trip home that we shall see each other again, until then, take care and best wishes to you. I hope that the interview went well and good news are in order.

To Han Wei, if you have definitely decided on attending RIT this Fall, do let us know. We have added a spot for you on the dining table for all the holidays and weekend specials. No worries to your mom, dad and brothers - you have a bunch of older sisters and brother here in Buffalo and Rochester :P Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Wedding bells...

I was up for some time last night.. getting ideas on what to shop for bridal shower/wedding gifts. Received two wedding invitations yesterday, one from Matthew and Alethea and the other one all the way from home, Penang is from Ween Nee and Vincent.

Matthew used to work here in the office with us, he was the one we all run to when in need of help. He is cheerful - always merrily humming away music tunes and a great teacher - I learnt a lot of database/PC related knowledge from him as well as having thoughtful and inspiring conversations with him on all things literature. He and Alethea had been living and working around the DC metro area . The wedding ceremony is going to be held here in Buffalo. It would be really great to see them again! Congratulations!! So excited for the both of you!!

I have known Ween Nee all throughout high school. From the girl guide activities, tennis lessons, going out to movies and hanging out in class and hallways. She is the sweetest girl ever and a darn good tennis player, I might add. She is a great friend who is always there to lend her ear - listening to my silly problems and coming up with sensible solutions. I wish you and Vincent all the best and I know that your wedding day as well as life as newlyweds is going to be one beautiful journey. Peter and I both wished that we could be there on your special day. We may not be there in person but we are there with you in mind and spirit.

Congratulations to both couples!! Posted by Hello

Sher at work...

It's a beautiful Thursday morning... and I am clearing out some of the pile of papers on my desk that I have at work. A clean sweep in the morning... hopefully leads to a problem-free day today with everything. But then again, if it's so problem free... things may get a little boring... needs a little crazy action - that little something in each day to make your head spin and heart go racing!! Posted by Hello

Monday, May 23, 2005

Wrap up...

What a whirlwind of a weekend... upon rushing back from Rochester yesterday, I went over to Rachel's - thanks to Rachel for hosting an ELP-student get together at her house!! It was nice to meet up with people from class outside of class and just talking about all things minus class work. Wishing you the best of luck and safe journey on your trip to Mongolia and to Andrea as well as she leaves for backpacking in the Highlands - Scotland, UK. It was also a last time that we all see Gay Lynne before she gets married! Congratulations to you and Matt on your wedding. A late spring wedding in Central Park - we want pictures!! Also, good luck with the move to Tokyo!! To Tomoka, have a wonderful time back in Japan and enjoy your visit to the World Expo 2005. Rima, I will see you here in Buffalo this summer!!

As I head back home, Peter and Sharon too got back the same exact time. Peter brought Sharon back to Buffalo after she flew into Rochester from NYC. Resting time... not quite... I took Peter out to see Star Wars 3 - Revenge of the Sith. A little dissapointing to me... to think that all the Jedi Masters could have been easily slained. Thought that they all had the force with them... couldn't they have felt something was wrong??! Okay, Mr. Lucas... what was up with that?! *blek...

Today was business as usual... back to work for me and Peter. But before that, we both went to pick up Michele, her dad, Alvin and Jacklyn from the airport. After a week long away to Vegas and California - it's back in Buffalo time. Everyone is back at home today and rest is what we all need from these past couple of hectic days!! Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Twister time

Last evening after the Lilac festival - Peter and I went over to one of his professor, Elouise a.k.a. Weez's house for a party. Met a lot more of Peter's friends from school and other people from RIT. There were a lot of tangled up people playing twister and later we moved up to a more mind challenging game of Guesstures. Apart from some games testing our flexibility, one I don't know how to even describe (courtesy of one of the Walter twins - Matthew) and others such as doing the Limbo rock with a line of 20 over people.. there was plenty of Sangria going around - FYI... the % of alcohol content in it was way over what it should be :P

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Pretty white-lilacs

Thanks to Nancy for this candid shot of myself in front of this all white lilac tree. Posted by Hello

Flower power...

Sher & Nancy
Behind us.. a carpet of flower mosaic thingy - I think they were pansies... either that or impatience? Posted by Hello

Kettlecorn gallore!

Once thing that Mario and I always make a beeline for at any festival that we go to is the Kettle Corn stall. We can't get enough of them!! I am not huge on popcorn with the butter and salt toppings... but with some added sweetness... it's sugarhigh time for me!! We stood in line for 20 minutes to get our hands on a large order for each of us. You should see the two of us beaming contentness upon getting our kettle corns, holding the big, warm bag of munchies next to us while othe onlookers ogle upon our breakfast/lunch. Posted by Hello

Nancy & Sher

It's a beautiful Saturday.. and what a perfect day to be out enjoying the sun, festival food and the lilacs at the annual Lilac Festival in Rochester. Peter had to help his friend, Eli move so he could not come with us... he missed the one last year too :( Oh well, we had fun anyways. Posted by Hello

Dashing Dennis

Dennis - a handsome young gentleman in the making. Posted by Hello

What's in the card?

A nice family picture.. Zulhal, Doug & Dennis reading one of his birthday greetings. Posted by Hello

Family & friends come together to celebrate Doug's birthday! We see you back there Dennis!! Posted by Hello

Girls will be girls... Posted by Hello

Birthday wish...

Happy birthday to you Doug!! Many happy returns of the day! Posted by Hello


Sharon, Claire & Dan later went over to Claire's host family's place in Enfield, CT. Look at Dennis happy to see the girls.. how he;s grown since I last saw him last year at the girls graduation. Stay cute Dennis!! Posted by Hello

Meeting up with friends - Dan & the MHC women... Posted by Hello

Claire & Dan...

It's about time I got update pictures of Claire (thanks Sharon for snapping them!).. for a while there, I thought that I was going to continue recycling and surviving on whatever pictures we took from last Christmas. Doesn't Claire look lovely here with Dan? You owed me lots of pictures that you were supposedly sending... where are they?! I had better tell Dan of your "forgetfullness" in returning calls and sending items! BTW, thanks for my superbly belated X'mas present... I just received it!! You really shouldn't have... I am sure someone deserving (I hope!) found my big wrapped-up present that you left on the train! Posted by Hello

Proud traditions...

Class of 2005 right walking through campus all in white in the laurel parade - a rite of passage for all graduating Holyoke women. Posted by Hello

Mt.Holyoke - Class of 2004

Meanwhile.... why Michele is still away visiting Vegas and parts California with her family, me celebrating Peter's graduation weekend, Sharon flew to NYC and caught a train over to Claire's in Stamford, CT. She met up with Claire and they drove up north to their alma mater, Mount Holyoke College in MA. And here's some updates on her side...
as you can see, Sharon wasted no time in spending quality moments with the girls - Catherine and Clarissa. Here's what the three MHC muchachas from the Class of 2004 are up to... a one year reunion back to MHC to cheer on their fellow graduating friends. Posted by Hello

Friday, May 20, 2005

Happy couple...

So proud of you Peter! Congrats on your graduation! *muaks...
RIT's graduation was a little tad longer than I expected... but it was a very proud moment seing Peter walk at the ceremony, not to mention seeing double no, tripple nope, quadruple sights of him on the three other jumbotron slides. After the ceremony, both of us headed to The Old Toad in downtown Rochester to meet up with some of his friends who also graduated for drinks. If you have not been to Old Toad yet, you have to!! It's the closest to what you will get to a true English pub this corner of WNY. Posted by Hello

Family picture...

May 20th, 7:00p.m.
Gordon Field House, Rochester Institute of Technology, New York
Commencement Ceremony for the B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences
* * *
From left to right... Nancy, Grandma Gauger, Peter & Mario Posted by Hello

Here's the Graduate!

Ready to go love? We don't want to be late for the commencement ceremony now do we?? :P Posted by Hello

Back to camera...

Back at home... getting ready to head back to school. Turn around silly... we want to see your lovely face!! Posted by Hello

Home of the Bengal - R.I.T.

Sharon and I left for Rochester about 10:00 a.m. We made great time getting to the Rochester airport. Nancy met us there to send Sharon off. After a short visit to Nancy's work place - Johnson's & Johnson's, I left for R.I.T. to see Peter. He wanted me to meet some of his friends from school. Plus, it was nice for once to see the R.I.T. campus on a bright sunny day. All my previous visits were cold, dark and gloomy!! So, here I am in one of the computer labs, using "Louie" (all the PCs in this particular lab for the game programming students are named after saturday morning cartoons) blogging away some time. Anyways, this evening is Peter's graduation ceremony, so very proud of him. He's been slaving away at his computer this past year getting his master's project together. Will update more on tonight's event later!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Put my feet up...

After a couple of hectic weeks with final papers, visitors and events... I am just chilling around the house... after work of course. It's been very busy at work.... but I love my job!! I am learning so many new things and I love the challenge... geez, I wish I could be that enthusiastic about school!! Anyways... a nice break from school for the time being!! Posted by Hello