Thursday, March 03, 2005

inhale.. eXhale...

As my blogmonster pointed out... where have all my updates gone? Well... it seemed like only yesterday that I posted Alex shovelling outside our place... but 4 whole days has passed and how fast did it go by. A big shout out also to Eric F., I haven't talked to you for ages... it's about time we got proper contact information of each other.. thanks to Alex for that! When are you coming to visit me? The first and last time I saw you was in... Hawaii!~ I promise to share a cab with you this time... wherever you want to go :P

Class, work, meetings, work and more meetings.. it's been so hectic! Luckily, I managed to sneak some time to just sit down with a very cool friend over coffee for him and soda for me.. and just talk about anything that came through our minds. Thanks Ollie for keeping me grounded and the for sparing me a few sane moments of my life this week!!

Received a surprised phone call from Rob N., it's about time you called!! I'm glad we finally got hold of each other and thanks for making my day... today, a colorful one! You drive me nuts!!

Last but not least... a big thanks to CM for the ride home... I'm counting on you for our Saturday plans!!

Seems like this particular posting has been a major holler to all the cool guys in my life... you guys are the greatest and to my dearest love, Peter... I miss yoU!~!~ Posted by Hello

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