Sunday, June 12, 2005

Weekend with Petey...

Still in Rochester right now... but quick update for all....

Friday evening... spent time just hanging out with Peter, Hye Yon and Tracy playing DDR and stuffing our face with pizzas.

Saturday morning... all four of us went to the Farmer's Market in downtown Rochester with Weez (one of Peter's really cool professor). Hye Yon recommended a quick bite to eat at the empanadas store.. where everyone had breakfast empanadas except moi.. what did I get? Seafood Empanadas and it was delicious!! Went around the market, got some blackberries, cherries and green veges... got some really good brie from this cheese store that Weez frequents.. so major plus for me in the food section!!

Peter made reservations for dinner at 6p.m. and so, later in the evening... Peter and I went to Tasting's (located at one of the biggest Wegman's that I have ever been to) for dinner. We ordered a 5 course and 3 course dinner set and with my big appetite... I really did wish for more!! I was very proud of Peter... he finished his plate of Shellfish Ceviche with avocado, cucumber, bell peppers and a sweet chili and orange vinaigrette. For someone not too big on seafood, he sure enjoyed his appetizer. If you're curios at what else we both had... check out the dinner menu at Tasting's!! click here for menu... before they change it!

After dinner, we rushed to Regal to catch Monster in Law...not too big of a J.Lo fan but hey.. Wanda Sykes and cutey Michael Vartan was on!~ It was a nice movie to enjoy - humor is always good to have. Major big plus... my lovie Petey was there with me... we had a nice evening just being with each other!~

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