Wednesday, June 22, 2005

1 year old Blog..

Happy 1st Birthday to my dear blog!! I'm also a 1 year old blogger to date! It's been a great year of learning all this blogging business and I must say... my blog today has came a long way from what it initially started as... view my 1st posting !~ I was rambling away about Chode and his trippin' Crew.

Exactly this time last year, I was back at home in Penang... loving every minute of being around family, friends and good old Penang food!! This reminds me... I must wish a big thank you to Chan Lilian of PenangFaces whose blog entries have made me feel like being back at home through her beautiful postings of pictures of all things wonderful and amazing of Penang.


5xmom said...

Hi Sherene!

Thanks for dropping by. Glad you enjoy the food I blog. Anything you miss? I go eat on your behalf and take photo? LOL!

Happy 1 year old blog and blogger too!

Lil' Elmo said...

Happy B'day to Sherene's Blog' ..
Happy B'day to Sherene's Blog' ..
Happy B'day to Sherene's Blog' ..
May all your blogging wishes come true.. :)


* * sHeReNe * * said...

Thank you for the lovely wishes 5xmom and May!!~ Keep on blogging!!