Sunday, June 26, 2005

Weekend activities...

A strawberry picking we will go... a strawberry picking we will go... hey ho a strawberry pickin' we will go! And so we did....

We picked about 12 quarts of strawberries.. it didn't take us long... the girls, Nancy, Peter and myself... what a great way to start the first summer weekend off by gathering juicy delicious strawberries... this calls for an afternoon and evening and for the most part.. the entire weekend to be filled with strawberry daiquiries, strawberry milkshakes, strawberry shortcakes, etc!

Made some really tasty daiquiries which we brought over to the Carlson's (Pete's neigbor across the street) graduation party. The graduate is Jon, who's graduating from high school and will be joining his sister, Lauren at Fredonia State Unviersity - that's Nancy's college alma mater. The entire weekend was pretty much filled with plenty of feasting, drinking and strawberries to go around... the weather was way up in the 90s and so it goes.. summer is definitely here to stay.

Was hoping to post a bunch of pictures from strawberry picking but silly old me left the camera back at Pete's. Will definitely post some this Thursday when Sharon and I are heading back to Rochester. Sharon, Pete and I leave for NYC this Friday morning for a holiday weeked away in the city. Sharon is meeting up with a dear friend from home whose family migrated to NJ and as for Peter and myself.. also meeting up with friends and celebrating Claire's birthday one week late. Just got news that Ayu will also be joining us.. so another great get together/birthday celebration for the girls.

Shoutouts to - Jerry and Andrea.. can't wait to see you guys again... Eric, hoping to at least catch up with you to say hi, Seneca... are you gonna be in the city that weekend? Paul.. maybe we can meet up? Can't wait to see you guys... Posted by Hello

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Lil' Elmo said...

Strawberries!! YuMmY..I want those juicy fat strawberries too... :)