Thursday, June 02, 2005


Channel WB had this on last night and what a laugh it was to watch. Reality TV at its best?? Not quite.. but it sure was amusing. To see if you may or may not be interested in seeing it.. here's a snippet from the WB website...
* * *
It all starts with seven women who are academically impaired. Next, add seven men who are brilliant but socially challenged. The concept is to pair up couples for a chance to win a $250,000 grand prize. Each mismatched pair competes in various activities designed to test intellect, fashion savvy and even dance moves. There's a spelling bee for the girls, massage lessons for the guys, and an introduction to actual rocket science when the girls compete to see who can build a working rocket. During these competitions, the geek must try to pass his brains onto the beauty, while the beauty tries to pull the game out of the geek. They're so far apart on the social spectrum that they're practically different species, but if they make it to the end, they could both walk away gifted and gorgeous.

p.s.: They took down the big poster on the website of Beauty & the Geek that has Ashton Kutcher buried in between some hot model's bossom and replaced it with the small banner (pictured above) with a pair of sunglasses hiding Kutcher. Should have saved that picture file yesterday!!! :P Posted by Hello

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