Sunday, June 19, 2005

Lazy Sunday...

Sleeping in has to be the best thing ever ... especially on a lazy Sunday!! I didn't get to bed till almost 2am last night/morning... stayed up to watch Ocean's Twelve.

Next best thing waking up to... lying all spread out in bed staring up at my egg shell colored ceiling while trying to wake my toes up by wiggling them under my comforter. Don't you just love moving about under your comforter in the morning... that smooth and semi-toasty feeling it has against your bare legs from the slept-in warmth accumulated? I spread my arms out and brought them up and down to my sides mimicking a snow angel making session... my little attempt in some sort of morning stretching/exercise. A gOOd morning to myself!~!

As I was still lying in bed, Sharon who was already up and about passed me the phone... it was mom and dad!! They were both driving back from Tanjung Bungah from Holiday Inn - dropped a friend off at the hotel. Anyways, we talked a bit... checking up on each other and trying to plan on Sharon & me heading back home to Penang. We're looking at Christmas break... but it all depends on Sharon's work schedule and well... mine too.

When I finally got out of bed... it was getting to get ready to head out to Galleria Mall... Sharon and I both had things to return and exchange.. so that's what we did. Caught a movie there... the Perfect Man starring Heather Locklear and Hillary Duff - bottomline, major chick flick!! Upon getting home, did some chores around the house... laundry, tidying up, cleaning, etc. It was a nice feeling to know that I got a lot of things accomplished around the house. That sense of fulfillment - that everything is clean and is at its own place. Geez... I sounded a wee bit obsessive compulsive there!! Aiyaiyas... but seriously.. when things around you look right... you know and you will see things in a clear perspective. There me go again... rambling on!

Got a surprise for you musical lovers out there... if you don't already know what's coming to the theatres this coming November! Will keep you in a suspense for now... till my next blog about the surprise... ciao! Posted by Hello

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