Sunday, June 12, 2005

another night at the movies...

Got back from Rochester, unpacked, put things away and watered the plants... off I go out again to meet up with Kozy to see Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Sharon & Chele were out with Lori at the Allentown Art Festival downtown.

I've never been that crazy over Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie.. but I did like the movie.. interesting enough... and I am sure Peter would be smiling BIG reading this.... throughout the entire movie... all I could think about was HIM!~ Why? Well.. Brad Pitt had his hair short-short to a somewhat buzz... the way I always want Peter's hair cut... SHORT!~ Pitt looks soo much like Peter (and not the other way round ;P) that I could not help but imagine it was my cutie on screen... well, minus the whole Mrs. Smith chracter that is. LOL!~ Silly Sher daydreaming again....Posted by Hello

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Lil' Elmo said...

When you are free, check this one out :

Tuan and Puan Smith :P