Friday, June 02, 2006

Of weddings, Canada, & US immigration...

Okay.. my mistake for not adding any blog entries lately... reason... just been moving about a lot! It's not like there was nothing interesting to report but, with the nice warm summer weather - it's hard to stay inside let alone stay at home lately :P

I have been... busy at work (as always), currently sitting for my qualifying exam (have to write a 40 page paper on two questions due in 2 weeks time. Ick!!), travelling back and forth from Canada, shopping for stuff to bring back home to Penang, tennis, cookouts, etc.

I had friends over to my place for dinner on a few occasions. Just to hang out when classes are out and a send off to a few of them. A couple of friends are headed home for the summer, a few just travelling, one travelling back and forth planning her wedding and one headed home for a wedding.

* * * * * * * * * *

Speaking of weddings, I have got to go major hunting for wedding gifts!! This summer alone... there are two weddings... Chele's brother, Alvin's wedding to Jacklyn in KL which we are all heading back home to attend and Young Sang, one of the graduate assistants in my office who is heading back to Korea in July to get married.

Come this fall, three more weddings that I know of. All three girls are in my academic program, Yan, Rachel & Mary.

Rachel & John are both busy this summer getting their wedding plans on the way. Yan is a superwoman for having just defended her dissertation proposal, heading back to collect data in China the entire summer and busy juggling wedding plans. As for Mary, she is also a superwoman travelling back and forth Dallas going about in her wedding plans, a conference in France in a couple of weeks, meeting up with Gunn in Norway and Latitia in Italy before heading back home to Kenya for the rest of the summer.

Superwomen as my friends...oh, and I was asked to be Maid of Honor for Yan & Brian's wedding in September and as a bridesmaid for Mary & Arthur's wedding in December.

* * * * * * * * * *

Chele, Peter and myself spent this past Memorial Day weekend in Ontario. We spent a night at Bethany's in North York which is just down the road from Markham and the other night at Uncle & Aunty Lim's in Barrie. One afternoon was dedicated to Vaughan Mills - the largest shopping center in the entire province of Ontario (maybe even the entire Canada??) Bethany's parents were in Canada for a 3 week holiday before returning to Brunei, so we got to meet them before they left for home.

Pete and I also managed to meet up with Slyvia & Jeff as well as the rest of the cousins up in Newmarket. The Tan's really know how to make a great bowl of Penang Wonton Noodle soup!! On the way back from Canada, we stopped by Ikea for Chele to purchase a new set of dresser and do we sure have an amusing story on how the dresser (in a box) was transported to and fro. Upon reaching home, Chele did a major redocorating overhaul to her room. It is still work in progress....

* * * * * * * * * *

An interesting encounter that I just have to share... on our way back from Canada, passing the Queenston/Lewiston bridge US immigration and customs... all was fine... no biggie 'till the lady officer who was too chatty making the lines to pass customs long and unnecessary ran our passpports on the machine and found a discrepency in Chele's passport. We were like... what?! After all that passing through the borders and we were just in Canada like 2 weeks ago.. what the heck can they posisbly find error on Chele?! So we went in to the office to see what they have to say.

Apparently, as I have suspected... the officers does NOT know how to read Chele's current status properly. So doink! To think that these officers, supposedly are trained well and equipped with all the immigration laws, procedures and knowledge... this one does NOT know how to read the dang system/database.

So much for efficiency and now with Bush's plan on sending more money to the southern borders of the US instead of the north, we are paying for their lack of competence. It is not that beefing up border securities mean to curb illegal immigration, but it is to also ensure that the process of immigration/travelling back and forth between borders can be carried our in a more secured, effective manner.

On top of that, while Chele was getting questioned by the one officer, Pete and I have to go retrieve our passports. This particular officer, asked where I was living what I was studying while going through my paperwork and while I was giving him replies, he had his eyes fixated on my boobs. Mind you, I was only wearing a baby t-shirt with the longhorns logo on the front and Peter was standing right behind me. I thought at first, "Oh, Longhorns fan.. maybe?!" but my attemps on trying to get his eyes to look me in the eye failed. He kept on STARING at my breasts. What a PERV!! I got his name down alright...

Possible future encounter....

Officer: Where do you live?
Sher: Buffalo
Officer: Citizen?
Sher: Malaysian
Officer: Bust size?
Sher: 34 C
Officer: You are clear to go!

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