Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Home at last...

I made it HOME!!! Hurrah for Sherene!! Dinner, unpacked, new room (mom and dad have been busy rearranging things around the house!) and now going through my emails and of course, I can't help but to insert a few lines on a blog posting.

The flight from NYC to Vancouver went well, I got all three seats to myself, so I got to sprawl out and some deserving snoozing session. Vancouver to HK was a over 12 hours long, but it went smoothly, no babies crying or loud snorers around.

I was in the Hong Kong International Airport for like a 7 hours layover which I spent walking to every corner of the airport terminals, finished reading one of my novels, had a ramen noodle breakfast, sushi for lunch and washed that down with a full class of Chardonay, chatted with a really nice Aussie who happened to be in a much longer transit time in HKIA rather than myself. Overall, it was a rather relaxing journey back home :D

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