Monday, June 19, 2006

Flying in style...

Hello everyone... it is 9.38 p.m. EST and I have FINALLY made it to JFK airport. My Jetblue flight which was scheduled to leave Buffalo at 5:00 p.m. did not take off till like 7:00p.m. Reasons: Aircraft coming into Buffalo was delayed due to bad weather (bad weather throughout the northeastern seaboard stretching through to Florida), when it finally arrived in JFK we still had to stay on the aircraft waited till like almost 9:00 p.m. to finally deplane!! Got my luggages at baggage claim with one of them luggage-cart contraption and hauled my two very filled to the brim suitcases including one carry-on for about 500 feet to the next terminal. Lucky me it was only the next terminal over!!!

As I was checking in with Cathay Pacific for my long segment of the flight home, I encountered very friendly and nice British Airways/Cathay Pacific personnels. They hooked me up big time with getting me exit row seats and best of all, British Airways Terrace Lounge use!! This was good news after being in a very LONG flight for such a short trip to NYC from Buffalo plus the delay in my next flight from NYC to Hong Kong via Vancouver. So here I am, enjoying and making use of all the First Class facilities the lounge has to offer: free refreshments, snacks, (not so sure about alcoholic drinks, but I sure can use one before the flight!), internet pcs, big sofa sets, etc.

Heading to devour some munchies now... HUNGRY!!!

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