Saturday, July 16, 2005

The weekend so far...

Just got back from Toronto with Michele & Chee Ming... ate a lot, bought some stuff.. what else is new?! :P We were able to meet up with Mario, Nancy & Mary at their hotel downtown Toronto - the Delta Chelsea. They were spending the weekend in the city - we drove all the way from Buffalo and they drove as well.... the difference? Only a short drive for them since they went on the Fast Ferry from Rochester.

My weekend so far.. in a nutshell...

Friday evening... went to Barnes & Noble to get my ticket/wrist band (I was #52) at 6:00 p.m. so that I can get my Potter books at midnight. Thanks to Louis for accompanying me there!! Both of us later hurried to the Italian Festival down on Hertel ave. for calamaries, steak & dandelions, fresh mozarella and gelatos. Sadly... could not fit in the best thing there was there... cannolis!! Had some time to kill before we head back to Barnes and Nobles... so we got a couple of drinks and hung out at Sonoma Grille.

When we did get to B&N, it only took 10 minutes to be done with the whole ordeal on getting the book. Our little book packet came with a Harry Potter poster of Book #6, one of those wrist bands (only this one was green and read July 16th, 2005 - commerating the release of book #6) and some bookmarks. Michele met up with me there to make sure that I got her a copy as well :D
* * *
This morning, woke up.. got ready and Chee Ming came to get us for our drive up to Toronto. Instead of the usual dimsum runs.. we had sashimi & sushies for brunch in Markham. Shopped a bit at Pacific Mall - Michele and I were extra pleased that we had "Tau Fu Fa".

Always a must when in Toronto, we got our pastry fix of egg tarts!! There was a Malaysian restaurant called Satay Rio that was selling "Bak Kua" - Barbeque Jerky, and of course being the nice caring sister and girlfriend.. I got some for Sharon & Peter. I also bought a bunch of DVDs for Peter - classic Stephen Chow, Jet Li movies for his Chinese movie collection series. Before we met up with Mario, Nancy & Mary we had a pit stop to make... I was doing a major stocking up session of Indomee Mee Goreng and Ribenas!!!

Now.. if only I had the time to actually start reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince... I only managed 7 pages since I got it last night!! ;P

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