Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Finally... some rain showers to add some green to the grass outside our place as well as other patches of grass/lawn. It's been so hot and humid that almost all the grass has turned to an ugly shade of yellow. Now... we wait for the rain clouds to clear and blue skies to reappear to match the newly green lawns.

I've been a busy bee.. running around doing odds and ends. My last posting was of Chele and me playing tennis... well, over the weekend... we've been on the move again. We couldn't wait till the weekends... so margarita's night was on Thursday. Chee Ming joined us girl for dinner and margaritas. I met up with Michaela @ Michelle who just got back from Slovakia by way of Prague for a couple of drink and plans were made for Saturday night for us to go out.

Michele got her car back Friday evening from the dealer. Did I ever mention that she got into an accident on 4th of July? No?? Well.. she did :( All is well now and she is thankfully fine and in one piece!. We were just in Rochester that Saturday to help Nancy out at her church's annual chicken barbeque. Knowing us girl.. anything to do with food - we were more than glad to help out!!

We got back in Buffalo the very same Saturday and chilled out a bit before heading out. There were 8 (Chele, Sharon, Sher, Peter, Chee Ming & friend, Hye Yon & Louis - Michaela got caught up with something) of us heading downtown - we were at Skybar dancing for a good part of the night. It was packed but fun. We were all really amused since there was this "professor" looking older man, he looks about.. what... say early 60s? And... he was definitely trying to 'get into' the crowd. Apparently, he was a regular there at Skybar. Let's just say that the 'professor' was not a pretty sight to witness in action... hands in his trouser pockets and attempts to get jiggy with the music and girls or guys around him. *eeewwee....

We didn't make it back home till 3:00 a.m., the girls get to sleep in, but Peter, myself and Hye Yon had to get up early so that we could head up to Toronto in time for Dim Sum. It was Hye Yon's first time to Toronto - Peter thought that it would be great to show her around town a bit. So it was to Dim Sum we went downtown Toronto at Spadina and later, a good part of the trip was at the Eaton Centre. I wanted to get some pants for work - and so did some major shopping!

Monday was back to work for me... and last evening, a few of us at work headed to Elmo's for a farewell dinner bid to Karyadi who is moving to NYC tomorrow. His new job calls for him to be there this coming Monday and he is all packed now with the UHaul ready to head east to the city. I'm going to miss him a lot!! He was the lifesaver to many of my work pc-related crises. But I am glad that he secured a new career and at least he isn't that far away. He's still in NY state and just an hour's flight away! Good luck with the new job Karyadi, and we will definitely meet up whenever I get to the city.

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