Thursday, July 07, 2005

Weekend - last day..

Day 4 - Independence Day (Monday, July 4th):
Last day in the city... all packed, walked around midtown - had breakfast... goodbyes see you soon wishes to everyone...

DSCN5637 DSCN5636
Byes to the Big Apples for now.. the skyscrapers (our hotel was really close to the Crysler building), yellow taxi cabs, subways, hot dog vendors, dog-walkers, etc, etc.

All checked out from our hotel, planning ahead for future meetings... August is just around the corner... you guys had better come up to WNY so we can head further north to Canada. And pretty please Claire (& Peter)... can't Dan and I both have a pet turtle??! Please...

Dan & Peter... 'nuff said! :D
Almost forgot... we found manggis (mangosteen) in Chinatown. Ayu bought almost a dozen or so.. let's just say that it bears a hefty price of US$2.00 PER fruit! Yikes!! I got one for Peter to try, he liked it :P

As Peter and I headed towards JFK... we had a minor delay.. the train we were on made a stop. According to the conductor, there's was fire on the tracks.. no big problem apparently as it was resolved in 10 minutes. Interesting enough, this tough guy wannabe in our train was not what he was all cracked up to be. He was the ONE and only guy in the train who started being panicky! Yeah... very tough indeed!

Got back to Rochester okay.. after we put our stuff down at home.. Peter and I headed over to his friend Steve's place where he hosts his annual 4th of July barbeque get together. On a humid day.. a nice dip in the pool was called for - I dipped me leg in 'de pool :D Stayed for a bit and later proceeded to see fireworks.. a yearly event with Pete's family and his cousins. Peter's cousin Maryanne was visiting from Florida - it was great to see her again!!

End of weekend !!

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narfnarf said...

I bought 20!!! *wail* and you know, most of them weren't very good...but at least I got to eat some lah...ubat rindu. :o)

I miss you, Claire and Pete!!! :(