Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Sporty Sher...

Decided to be active for a change. I usually get home from work, water my plants, decide whats for dinner - cook, eat and be the biggest couch potato/bed I can ever be, seeing that it's summer.

There's a community pool at out townhouse/apartment complex and we have not even been in it this summer.. what a waste! Gotta find that one HOT day and just jump into the water!! And so.. Michele and I got to the nearest tennis court - 5 mins away, off Mill Street and had a go at a game of tennis. It was nice to be moving about for a change.. Peter even teased me if I was actually up for any physical activities! What do you think love? Am I not up to it? We'll see about that when you get your bum here this weekend!! ;P Posted by Picasa

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