Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Weekend - continued...

Day 2 (Saturday, July 2nd):
After a good night's rest.. we started the morning with pancakes. Thanks to Pete & Dan for making pancakes :D Met up with Catherine and Sally and we headed off to brunch/lunch (yes.. right after breakfast!) at Tigin's (nice Irish bar/restaurant that serves a mean brunch menu).

DSCN5528 DSCN5530
As you can see.. there was a color code going on with the girls. Peter couldn't be happier to be fed again... carefuly lovey.. don't want you to balloon up to the size of a walrus!! *muaks...

We don't want to miss the boat no.. yacht no, the schooner!! Hurry up with the pose Claire!

DSCN5547 DSCN5558
We made it on board!! We set sail for Long Island Sound.. taking in the breeze and rays of sun creeping through the clouds. There were a couple of small educational stations which we took turn going to. We learned a bit about sailing, the ecosystem around Long Island Sounds and preservation that's going along the Sound. At one of the stations - next to learning about the marshland around the Sound, we got a little too acquainted with "pickle grass" and later fresh "seaweed"!

i284B9068-2D7F-4062-966A-F7902E26B4B7 DSCN5560
We all did a pretty good job hoisting up the sails... alrighty crewmates.. smile for the camera somemore!!

iB96F0543-FD24-4E08-945F-C30056B307F6 iF26A7083-765F-492E-A048-239A985A9765
Here's a picture of everyone together and one of the Mount Holyoke women... smiling bright & pretty!
* * *
Ayu arrived in Stamford as we finished with our yacht-cruise... about time she caught up with us for the weekend! Later in the evening, dinner at Sakura where we feasted like there's no tomorrow.

DSCN5578 DSCN5581
The girls wanted sashimi and so we ordered The Love Boat to share and I also ordered soft shell crab rolls. YummY!!

iD18B9CCA-90C9-4EF9-AD71-6784CFEAF253 DSCN5576
Dan couldn't join us today since he was away at a friend's party... so Peter was assigned as head of the table being the only guy present. The girls thought that he was just oh sooo cute!! After dinner, we headed to a couple of bars to continue with the day's theme = chilling!!

End of Day 2!

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