Monday, July 11, 2005

Michael Bublé

The girls and I & Peter (thanks a bunch for coming love.. (Michael thanked all the guys that went with their wife, girlfriends, significant others, etc.) was at Shea's Performing Arts Center last night to see the one and only one-derful Michael Bublé LIVE in concert! It only took me a couple of months of planning on which concert venue to go to and when was first day of ticket presales was scheduled. I am glad he made it to Buffalo - saved me the driving :P Even if I were to drive - it would have been well worth it!!

- pix from Hear Ye!

Not only is he amazing for being the young crooner he is.. his performance was awesome! He was comical in between songs - he portrayed to his audience how he would sound like as... an Opera singer, Maroon 5 singing "This Love".. and even a Michael Jackson stint.

- pix from Hear Ye!
Overall.. I am soo planning on attending more of his concerts.. let me see... I know that he is gonna be Pittsburg, PA tomorrow and in Cleveland, OH the next day.. I can still make the drive there :D He's gonna be touring around the East Coast until August before he heads to Aussie in September and later to Europe. I sound like a nut case of a music fan right now.. but I can't help it!! We were seated in the Orchestra in row P (16th row from stage), best seats to view Michael - just look straight ahead.. wished we could have gotten further in front.. but it was fine. Of course.. Sharon and Michele and the rest of the females in the theather all went goo goo gaga over him! Michele was especially drawn to one of the cute saxophone player. Michael performed his last number which was... Song For You.. Michael took off his ear-piece and literally sang without any of his 12 member jazz band. The entire Shea's theather went quiet and was in awe listening to him belt his heart out! Okay.. enough of the Bublé craziness for now... :P

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