Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Weekend.. continued...

Day 3 (Sunday, July 3rd):
Peter and I were scheduled to fly out on Sunday at 3.30 p.m., however, after much persuasion and sweet talk from Claire.. we switched our flight to the following day.. this means we don't have to rush around going from one point to another. We also managed to get a room in Manhattan (on a holiday weekend!!) for the night as we were leaving for the city with a detour to Jerry's house. We met Jerry at White Plains and he brought us to his home in Spring Valley. I have not seen Jerry for almost 2 years.. I think.. he left UB around 2002. I was thrilled to see him again!!

Jerry holding on to his girlfriend, Andrea's cute 'lil dog. Andrea just moved back to the city about a week ago from Chicago, but she was out that weekend camping in Jersey with her family. All three of us met when we were in UB and I have known Jerry since the first semester I arrived in Buffalo.

Here's Jerry and myself - his little Princess..

DSCN5598 DSCN5589
It was also nice to see Fifie & Roger (Jerry's mom & dad).. they have been asking for some time now on when am I going to visit.. and so, I finally made it there! After catching up with Jerry and breakfast over at the Dejean's (Fifie make the best scrambled eggs!!), Jerry drove us lot to the city. He couldn't join us in the city since there was going to be a small family party (which we were all invited to) going on at home. Missing you already Jerry!!

DSCN5603 DSCN5606
Back in the Big Apple... we checked in to our room at the Crowne Plaza at the United Nations on 304 East 42nd Street which was only a couple of blocks away from Grand Central Station.

At the Grand Central Station is where we met up with Dan and underground we went on the subway to Central Park North. We made it on time to meet up with Catherine, Sally and Helen for an afternoon in the park where there's a jazz series going on.

DSCN5620 DSCN5618
Now we can just sit down and enjoy the jazz band playing in the background!!

DSCN5619 DSCN5615
Catherine & Sally looking relaxed... and to their right.. Ayu, Claire & Dan. There you go closing your eyes again Claire! Open eyes wide, silly!!

i1486F07A-2B3A-4874-B64A-28CA4739F7C7 iA62D5A9B-40AA-4571-852B-1135B980C21A
Here's Claire with her eyes open and Ayu. On the other picture, there's Helen trying to finish her thoughts to Sally while Catherine keep snapping pictures of us in the train.

Now that our party is complete.. all 8 of us headed to Chinatown for dinner and walked around Chinatown for a bit.. did not manage to meet up with Sharon and her friends but we know that they were closeby in Little Italy.

End of Day 3!

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