Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Weekend in the city...

Holidays are over.. and now it's back to every regular day of work, meals and blogging :P
So in no further delay.. here are the daily accounts of what went by over this 4th of July holiday weekend...

Day 1 (Friday, July 1st):
Peter, Sharon and I left Rochester early morning for the 6.20 a.m. flight to JFK. Arrived at 7.30 a.m. and scurried we went to catch the airtran & A Subway train to Penn Station. After we saw Sharon off on the NJ rail transit for New Brunswick, NJ (she's meeting up with her friend Cindy and Kelvin and are doing their own NJ-NYC thing), Peter and I began our journey of Manhattan.. by foot!! Imagine that.. Sherene actually walked for more than 70 blocks (or more!) between streets and avenues in Manhattan. Peter and I started from Penn Station to Lower Manhattan - passing through the Fashion district, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Soho and north of Little Italy and Chinatown.

DSCN5422 DSCN5428
Here's Peter and myself at Washington Square Park, located in the heart of Greenwich Village. In the background is the beautiful Washington Arch.

DSCN5439 DSCN5441
We moved our way towards uptown Manhattan. Here's the two of us at the South West end of Central Park by Columbus Circle. Peter wanted to walk the entire Central Park and I thought that he was just plain NUTS! But then again... he is a nut.. he is my nut!! :D

DSCN5447 DSCN5455
Wait up Peter... I know that we are trying to escape the heat by walking in the shade.. but wait up for me!!! Phew... a couple minutes of resting on the bench.. picture time!

DSCN5476 DSCN5477
Lucky me, we were able to meet up with Eric earlier than what we had orignally planned - he got off work early since everyone had a head start for the holiday weekend. I last saw Eric in 2001 right before he graduated from UB and moved back to the city. After some confusion on which end of the park we were at.... we found each other. Now, you would think that all the tall skyrise buildings/condos/hotels would be a great indication on where we were.. but Eric and I had a bit of a miscommunication when describing what was around us. All the building at the South end of the park belonged to Trump - they were all tall and named Trump International, so much for being creative thinking Donald!!

The three of us headed up north towards the Upper East Side - with detours to St. Patrick's Cathedral and the Rockefeller Center. Our dreams of getting a hold of one of 'em Frrozen Hot Chocolate did not really come true... there was a loong line of people at Serendipity's who all thought of the same thing as we did.. a nice cold treat on a hot & humid afternoon. Sowree Peter.. next time okay?!

After we said our goodbyes to Eric at Grand Central Station, Peter and I headed up north to Stamford, CT. And guess what we saw on our train? This poster-ad for United Technologies with the Petronas Twin Towers. A bit of Malaysia on the NY-MTA train.. fancy that!

And here she is... the woman of the hour, with a really trés chic haircut... our hostess for the weekend.. Clarissa!! This particular moment of meeting up with Claire was an exceptional one.. reason being, this is my first time being a passenger in a car any car driven by Miss Koh. And how do I rate her driving skills - B+ (there's always room for improvement ;P).

Later in the evening, after Peter and I had cleaned ourselves from the dirt, grime and layers of dust we accumulated in the city.. sat down in our PJs with Claire and Dan relaxing. Attempted to watch the Life Aquatic on PPV but one by one.. we drifted off to sleepyland.
    End of Day 1!
    As for day 2... tune in...


    Lil' Elmo said...

    Wow....I love the pics Sher.. Great to hear all of u having soo much fun..Ayu and Claire still looks the same as the last time I saw them.. tho' I think Claire looks tanner now..hehe

    * * sHeReNe * * said...

    Glad that you like the pics.. Claire a bit more than... haha yeah... lotsa time spent at the beach!! :D