Monday, December 20, 2004


After dinner, the three of us girls joined by another friend Tomoka, who is staying over, plopped ourselves in front of the tele to watch this Japanese movie Sharon got hold of. It's called the Waterboys... 5 guys from high school... who somehow got themselves into forming an aLL-male synchronized-swim team!~ All four of us were cracking up... the soundtrack was upbeat and great and the storyline gave us a great laugh. If you enjoy those Stephen Chau's movies (eg. Shaolin Soccer, God of Cookery)... this one is a younger, hipper, teen version of that kind of comedy!~!~ I know that some of you guys upon seeing this show would comment some not so nice things.. but think of it as a slapstick to all things comedy!~!~ Girls... lotsa guys in speedos and tanned.. rather skinny... heck.. you getta see lotsa "beHInD" and male-booTie!~ Go out and get it!~!~ Suzuki's adorable!~!~ Posted by Hello

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