Monday, December 13, 2004

Holiday rush...

WHat a busy weekend I had.... with final papers due, travelling back and forth from Rochester and Buffalo, a funeral (*sniff..sniffss), Christmas shopping, birthdays & early Christmas parties... phEw!~!~ I need to stop and catch my breath... and to add to the list... SNOW removal... at least we are over the sleet and slush part of winter.. (for now that is...) I enjoy the fluffy light powdery snow that you can easily brush off your shoulders or car or patio... what else did I manage to accomplish this busy filled weekend? Michele and I got some lights strung outside out little fenced-in patio... it looked sooo festive with the wreaths we hung up earlier in the month!~!~ Christmas musing playing everywhere we go... are we all geared up for X'mas or what??!! Posted by Hello

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