Saturday, December 25, 2004

meRRy cHriStMas....

season's greetings to all... its Christmas morning and everyone lining up to use the bathroom... we're all getting ready for yet another wonderful day of season's eatings and opening presents of course... Clarissa arrived here safely... minus one of my presents which she left on the Amtrak... *wahhh.... she forgot me??!! NOT.. she loves me too much to forget about me.

Anyways.. after some shopping and major baking around the Milizia household... we all ATE a lot... Christmas eve was spent with Mario's side of the family... i got to see all of Peter's cousin-sisters once that was fun just ganging up against the guys... today... we are joined by Kozy, Catherine and Nancy's side of the family.

Mathew and I were hoping for a very white Christmas... Matt's reason.. he's been in California for a while now and as for me... I missed out on a white Christmas last year.. since Peter and I were both back in Penang and on Christmas day, we were in Shangri-La Golden Sands Hotel basking under the sun listening to the ocean while spotting Michele Yeoh trying to check in with the rest of her family.

Okies... me gonna scurry downstairs now to get some Christmas breakfast... will have pictures posted soon!~!~ Merry Christmas everyone!

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