Tuesday, December 14, 2004

sNow Day!

Here's a picture which I took on my way to school today... and Boy.. did it snowed.. and SNOWEd! Tell me something that I don't already know...friends have been calling checking on me since the Weather channel has a tendency to make any snow day in Buffalo a bigger deal than it really is... I LOVE the snow.. minus the shovelling and cleaning after my boots when I walked in the townhouse.. but, it really is not that bad.. you learn to manage... and sprinkling salt all around your front porch in hope that Mr. Postman bearing all the lovely X'mas cards to come.. would not fall or worst... slip and break something. I did mentioned in my previous blogs that I love the pufferry white soft white flakes that fall.. because they are the easiest to shake off... just a soft brush or blow and it flutters away!~!~ To all my dearest friends who inquired about my personal well being.. thank you so much for caring and checking in on me... it meant a lot!~! Wishing you all well.. drive carefull and happy shopping!~!~ Posted by Hello

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