Tuesday, December 21, 2004

maSqUeRraDe... paper faces on parade...

Few months back... Michele and I were jumping in our seats during previews to one of the movies we went to see... why?!~ They are making a movie/musical/action version of the Phantom of the Opera.. imagine our excitement and glee as we wait for December 17th for it to open in the US. Alas... late November... there was some sort of pushed back of the movie opening to December 22nd... what?!~ More waiting... fine.. we will be patient!~! Why all this huff puff about another Phantom... see it once, you've seen them all right? NO!~!~ Even though we both saw the broadway version of Phantom, even though we both ushered at Shea's and saw it 4 times or more, and at different levels and angels from the theather house... and even though we have been singing to the soundtrack driving back and forth from Rochester... we MUST and we WILL be seeing it again!~!~ We both were rooting for Anne Hathaway from Princesc Diaries to be Christine.. but, me thinks Emmy Rossum will do well... so it's another day of waiting it shall be... until then... ALL I ASK OF YOU... is to think of me fondly!~!~ *wink.. Posted by Hello

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