Thursday, March 29, 2012

Who's counting?

At our last ultrasound section with the doctor, it appears that Baby Milizia was measuring a bit on the small side. Since we found out that we were pregnant, the doctors calculated our due date as August 22nd - counting from the first day of my last menstrual period.

We both knew this would be off by a week at the most because (1) my monthly cycle is longer than the 28 days, (2) we have been charting my cycles since my ovarian cyst surgery last January and, (3) we both knew when the earliest conception date it could have happened. (Too much info, I know... but so many family and friends have inquired about it - so here it is officially posted!) From that, Peter and I predicted a due date of August 26th, just a day shy of my birthday so that both Mom and Daughter can have their birthdays to themselves :P If not, then it is one big celebration! So for this week, I am actually measuring around 17-18 weeks into the pregnancy.

The doctor wants us to go back in two weeks for an additional ultrasound so that they can measure Baby Milizia again to get a more accurate timeline and to see that all is well. One week in change is not that far off of a difference for a due date.

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