Thursday, March 08, 2012

Child Care

One of the benefits working in a large university is the perk to having access to the Child Care services on campus. At UB, there are two child care centers - one located in the North Campus and the other in the South Campus. My work is located in the North Campus and Peter's office is literally across the street from the North Campus - our choice was obvious. We put in our application to the UB Child Care Center and hopes for the best!

I know some of you are wondering why put the application in so early? There has always been great demand for a spot in UB's Child Care Center and I have heard from colleagues of being on this elusive waiting list. However, the Child Care Center has expanded a bit and with our early application - we don't think it would be a problem. We also have some backup plans for Child Care and thank you to Amy M. & Michele C. for your recommendations and suggestions on the topic!

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