Sunday, March 11, 2012

Energy boost

Now that I have entered into the second trimester of pregnancy, I find that have I regained energy back. And I know Peter would say - "You still stay in bed till noon!" on several weekends... I have the will power back to want to go out and do something. Grocery shopping, going out, doing laundry are some of the activities I dreaded in my first trimester since I was just so darn tired.  I have to thank my wonderful husband for doing most of it.

With my energy back... I am eager to continue evening walks with the ladies on our street, shopping, and just doing more stuff like I used to do. Also, let the baby preparations and shopping begin! We started by just looking at stuff online... Peter and I started an Amazon Wishlist going. And earlier today, we spent over 2 hours in Babies R'Us looking at stuff and then we headed over to Target for another hour or so and did more scouting around. All this walking did not tire me out.. and before heading to the baby/infant aisles.. we walked the Walden Galleria Mall for 2-3 hours. Needless to say, I got my exercise for the weekend! YAY!

To Mom@Nancy and Aunt Barbara P. - your advise of doing squats is heeded. I am doing squats... not as often as you probably are both hoping but I am doing it!! Will add more squats to my daily exercises!

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