Friday, March 16, 2012

Maternity Wear

When Peter and I first headed out to look at maternity clothes (in my 8th week)... our first stop was interesting enough - Forever 21. Why? I received a gift card to the store some time back and never had the chance to use it. So we thought.. let's see what camisole or types of clothing that I can pull off early in the pregnancy. Lo and behold, Forever actually has a maternity section... it was just two small shelving of it. I found purchased 3 pairs of maternity jeans - 2 skinny legged and one bootcut styled for $5.99 each. Insanely affordable... and 2 maternity belly bands for $4.99 each. We gathered from the super discounted price, they were discontinuing the entire maternity line. We were right and what great timing it was for us!

For the days to come, I would wear the belly band trying to disguise my belly while wearing my regular work pants with buttons and zips already all undone as well as summer empire waist dresses. Mind you, this was all taking place still in winter mode.

I thought that my bump would not show till much into my second trimester but I was clearly showing something as early as 9 weeks!!

My girlfriend Michele C. gave me a pair of work maternity slacks when I was in my 10th week and what a lifesaver that was for me to head to work in. Most comfortable pair ever which husband was really nice in washing it daily for me to wear the next day to work. I wear the maternity jeans from Forever 21 on weekends and outings.

Next to my few measly attempt at getting maternity clothes, I have to thank my amazing neighbor and girlfriend Nicole P. for delivering a bucket (literally) of her maternity clothes to me. Next to regular clothes, my pajamas and lounge wear at home was getting tight on me so her timing could not have been better. Nicole and her husband also passed down to us their rocking chair which has allowed me to stay in the family room comfortably. Not enough support for me on the sofa lounger and my sciatic nerve acts up every so frequently.

Another super big thank you also goes out to girlfriend  Michele C. who came to the rescue once again! She bequeathed all her maternity clothes to me. She just had her second boy and was ready to clean house and what a savior she has been to me. Next to clothing, I inherited the Parent magazines, books, guidebooks and lots of great mommy tips and advice.
Thank you to my maternity clothes fairies!!

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