Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pregnancy Buddy

Peter and I just learned the news that one of our dear friend M (I am holding off on revealing her identity at this time until she makes it official to the rest of our friends) is expecting. We are so happy for her and her husband. Both dads to be are excited needless to say! They have each other should both mamas-2-be get a little out of hand :P

M and I are about 8 weeks apart. Pregnancy buddies we will be!! We have the same General Practitioner and the same OBGYN (I recommended mine to her) and we are both super excited to be going through 'mama-hood' together. 

Pregnant Buddies

Both our mothers are planning to be here during our birth time - so grandmothers-2-be can rejoice in that! Looks like the fall and end of the year for us two households are going to be filled with all things baby!! Both M+husband together with Peter and I had dinner last evening... and a mini celebration we did with plenty of talk on baby names and more!

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