Friday, August 12, 2005


Alex's in town again... what bring him over to Buffalo again? Work... what ever it is... it's always great seeing him again. I used to complain to him about how I used to keep heading back to Austin and meeting up with him. Heck.. I lived in Austin the entire summer in 2001. But when will he ever come and see me up in WNY? Well.. since he made his first visit to Buffalo last year (around this time), this is his 4th trip to Buffalo - so... I call it truce on the "how many visits who made" :D

This time, Alex brought a friend along.. Ray... he's really cool. Poor Ray had to put up with us loud girls! Got the boys from the airpot.. unfortunately, there luggages were "misplaced" and will be on the next flight to Buffalo where ever they may be. We headed home waited for Chele and later met up with Sharon for dinner at Lebro's. We went there the last time when Alex was here with his parents, and Alex specifically requested to go there again.

After dinner.. we headed back to the airport to retrieve 3 out of the 4 "misplaced" bags. We thought that the last missing one was Ray's but it turned out it was Alex's instead. Poor Alex... at least he got his luggage with all his clothes in it! Headed back home so they guys could freshen up and for Alex to do laundry.

Michaela a.k.a. Michele stopped by and hung out with us for a bit. We did not manage to hang out as much as we would like this summer. Things came up on Michele's side when we were supposed to head out together. Nevertheless, we managed to still grab some dinner and drinks together. Today, she heads back to Slovakia to see her family before she goes back to school in Prague. Gonna miss you Michelle!! Can't wait to see you this Christmas!

*sigh... friends come and go... but we are all still best of friends!~

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